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    Jul 2005
    sup guys! dili kaau ko maka laag2 coz wla pa ko ride =(. ga cge ra gyud ko taxi hehehe.... if i do go out, mostly tambay lang diri sa SM. im already starting to look for my ride, right now my original plan took a bit of a detour. im looking at a CTR right now. you guys prolly have seen the cars thats for sale in Autobox owned by Jason King(?), atleast thats what the guy said to me when i went there this week. the price is kinda steep, but its still my first option right now. i just saw a white subaru RS on my way to ayala this morning, but it was already sold. they also have a white RX7, but from what ive heard about rotaries, im steering away from it. the contact i had before i left hasn't contacted me yet, still waiting for his email or contact number so i could give him a call. aight guys, im out!

    btw, cebuano's sure drive like maniacs here hahahaha..... i'll be enrolling myself in a driving school, just a refresher course .

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    Jan 1970
    check out DGL motorsports right across autobox. a lot of exotic cars.

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    Dec 2005
    [i]bai Asa Ba Dha Cebu Makapalit Ug 2nd Hand Toycar Preferably Honda Unta Budget Nako Is 200 To 250....paki Post Lng Dre Kung Duna Man Gani Mo I Rekomen. I Will Be Home Feb Nxyr..... Your Help Is Very Much Appreciated! Tenks!!!!!!

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guys, I need help