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    Oct 2002
    you can put it all that had happened in your love life in this way ----

    it is better now that you know her true colors.

    rather than to find out everything about her when you are already married.

    this event in your life might have just saved a much, much, greater pain.

    so if i were you, i would be thankful it happened this way --- earlier in your single life. :o

    sabi nga nong isang Irish priest I came to know (Fr. Hulsbosch) - "see that poster? read it..."

    "if you love something, set it free....
    if it comes back, it is yours,
    if it does not, it never was....."

    me and my commander had one heck of a love story somewhat different from yours. but i had to let her go just the same during our time. and it really tore me apart. it really felt like i couldn't breathe. its like i'm slowly dying.

    we're both in love - sincerely and devotedly in love with each other. kaya lang, there was this boyfriend of hers. she had to make up her mind. it took us a while. eventually, i discovered the guy was the equivalent of an abusive and sadistic husband. imagine magboyfriend pa lang sila. sarap ngang sapakin eh. maliit pa naman siya sa akin noon.

    pero, over time, and with a lot of prayer trips to baclaran that time, i was able to win her back. she felt helpless that time daw and she felt she could not leave the guy. i thought it was the usual case for battered wives. anyway, thank the heavens we are now happily married with three wonderful kids. and we just couldn't ask for more joy than being together with our family.

    you, my friend, will have your own joy. at your own special time.

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    Oct 2002
    I think, THE BEST IS YET TO COME FOR YOU Djerms. Kaya mo yan.

    When the going gets tough the tough gets going.

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    Oct 2002
    Pare I'll be fair to you and sa ex mo dahil hindi naman namin alam buong story [not sure dahil di ko naman lahat binasa].
    But in any failed relationship, dalawa always ang involved and it is always both parties' fault. In some ways, for sure may fault ka rin. You may probably be too nice and too giving [or could also be the other].
    But whatever the future holds for you, may this be a lesson. At least you now know where you made a mistake and will try not to correct them the next time you'll be in a relationship.
    Everybody goes through these. Pain is what makes us stronger. I've been through that pare and kahit lalaki ako, I did cry and let it all out. But I was okey the next day. She actually was asking me back to reconcile later pero I painfully declined it dahil at that time I knew I still loved her.

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    Oct 2002
    Hindi na ako magbibigay ng advice eto na lang song na ito:

    "If loving you is all that means to me. and being happy is all i hope you'll be,
    If loving you must mean, I really have to set you free....":wink:

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    Oct 2002
    It always hurts and its always difficult. Grieve, learn, heal, and move on. Thats life. Lots of fish out their bro, you'll meet a lot before your time is done. Good luck.

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    Oct 2002
    ala yan! got a GF for 7 years akala ko kami na........from 3rd year high hanggang college kami...kaso nung pa graduate na ako gusto ba namang pakasal na kami,....kasi daw dami chismis na dami ko na raw chicks.............umayaw ako...reason ko is bata pa kami and ala pa ako work...and worst ala pa board exam...

    ...ayun ala pa 1 year nagpakasal sa iba.....SYETe NYA!

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    Oct 2002
    A little daily prayer will do all the trick. Noong una hindi rin ako naniniwala dahil mahirap mapagisa at magdasal ng napakabigat na iyong kalooban. Paga maisisi mo pa ang lahat sa kanya.

    It's hard to do it but i really tried. Slowly you will see the light of happiness again. I pray this helps.... PEACE !!! :wink:

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    Oct 2002
    mahirap talaga yan pare and as ive read madami dami na ding nagdaan sa ganyang situation...including me....all i can say is let her go na lang...and the best thing to do is kung sumama ang loob mo learn to forgive...mas madaling mag move on kung wala kang anger....isipin mo kung galit ka sa kanya...ang dami mong iniisip, maybe to get even or kung ano pa man....mas lalo ka lang mahihirapan...

    time will heal the wound....

    "it hurts to see the one we love happy with someone else, but it hurts more to see the one we love unhappy with us"

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    Oct 2002
    ano bang malas ang meron sa diesel boys............

    nangyari din saken yan inahas ng bespren ko gf ko mag one yr na sana kami.

    tuwing may away kami umeeksena ang loko. and two weeks ago nakita ko pa sila!

    sheeesh what a weekend!

    sama naman ako sa toma nyo! djerms ayusin na lang natin leaf spring mo pre :mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002

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Tsikot peeps...pls reply to this.i need YOU