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    Oct 2002
    seryoso muna sandali.

    the original mods have all paid their dues in that they were here since the beginning and most of them are known personally by the admins. i think if an OG who has proven to be smart, reliable and fair wants to be a mod, he or she should be given priority over people who have less of a history (no offense to the newer members).

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    honestly, gusto ko..pero di pa ako ready,e....

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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by v6dreamer View Post
    Tama na ang dalawang Moderator.

    Dahil sa dumadami na talaga members what they need is to appoint an OVERSEER. I would say 4 members will do and who would that is all pure voluntarily to the members if they want to become an overseer.
    lima yung super moderator natin sa kasalukuyan at dalawa ang bago sa dami ng poster nahihirapan pa sila pano pag dadalawa lang.

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    Aug 2004
    It's just a problem of finding the right one.

    Moderators are not 24 hour paid employees... they are concerned volunteers who also "have a life" outside of tsikot.

    Thus, there are times when there are no moderators on the board, despite the number of actual moderators that may exist.

    The trick is in finding new moderators who'll be here when the others are not.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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The search for tsikot super moderator