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    Feb 2004
    For me, mas ok talga yung new format although of course, may point naman ang comments ng lahat...

    With the new format, mas naiiba yung compared sa other local car forums and like tsikot said, mas prepared for more posts and growth for the future.

    I'm sure medyo nalilito yung iba satin but I think just give it a few weeks lang and some of the guys will have forgotten how the old forums looked like before they know it. Anyways, meron ren naman list of all new posts so di masyado mahirap i-navigate yung topics that you might be interested in.

    just my 2 cents worth..

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    Jan 2004
    let us try muna. then if not effective then let us do something about it. nakakagulat ha.

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    Apr 2004
    meron pa naman car buzz, more than looks, the workshop and for the 'cross-brand/make' posts eh. kumbaga, nadagdagan lang ng pang individual make/brand... i think this will work!

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    Oct 2002
    thanks rafraf


    there are still several cross-brand/make forums...

    this move will just rationalize our community... otherwise, in the future, it can easily become one big super palengke of threads and posts, with mega forums, having tens and tens of new threads whizzing by...

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    Feb 2004
    the hardest thing to accept is change...

    why don't we give it a try?

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    Oct 2002
    Medyong in between ako... The new format will SURELY lessen the OPPORTUNITY of interaction between members, especially the new ones. Even with the existing forum format, kung di ako interested sa mga contents sa isang board, chances are I wont visit that board... Yes merong View New Post, which I use every single time, but hassle padin sobra to switch from one board to another... Lalo na na mataas ang traffic ng Tsikot = slow loading of pages. Nakakatamad mag browse kung naka modem ka lang. Adding new sections will just slow things down even more.

    On the other hand, medyong magulo din ang mga segments kung nasisingitan ng mga ibang topics na di related masyado. But I think trabaho ng mga mods to move things as needed.

    Kasi if you do need specific brand info (e.g. Honda), you can always use the flexible Search function and go from there.

    I'm willing to give this a shot, but I think there's really way too much segragation between boards na magiging tedious (and not enjoyable) mag browse ng tsikot compared to others.

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    Oct 2002
    One benefits for this changes is to give oppurtunity to different car clubs to Freely post their announcements ....

    for honda clubs, mitsuclubs, nissan clubs etc ...

    they can even invite people to become a member of their club...

    some of the car clubs dont have any forums anymore , yung iba nagkaroon ng mga konting problems ...

    atleast tsikot can provide them with specific forum of their own...

    and most likely , if a certain club member would browse to their respective branded forum, for sure, they will also visit other topics/threads ...

    we still have our biggest forum like pitstop andmy own garage, and for that pwede pa din mag-interact lahat ng member...

    Car buzz is there to compare diff brands ...

    We also did some research from different Auto forums offshore, most of them are very big already, and they also segregated different brand forums ..

    lets give this a try ...

    at kung hindi man ito magwork, pwede naman po natin mag-adjust ulit ...

    para sa ikakabuti ng lahat

    salamat po

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    Oct 2002
    sana mas i-lessen yung segregation, parang sobrang dami eh.
    Japanese cars
    Euro cars
    American cars

    opinion lang, kasi mejo nakakahilo rin mag click ng marami eh

    ika nga, change is good, change is inevitable.....

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    Oct 2002
    sandali lang, masasanay din naman kayo jan. d ko pa rin masyado binobrowse ang forum section, sa view new post lang ako palagi

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    Nov 2002
    yah.. un japanese american pati euro na lang.. sorba dame kasi apg brands... un mga ibang brands naman na hidne pa andyan panu naman sila.... just my piece.hehehe

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