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    Aug 2003
    di ba uso ung mga "capsules" sa japan? ung parang isang malaking box na pahaba where people sleep in, stacked one on top of the other(think sci-fi movie)?

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    Oct 2002
    May promo ang PAL Mabuhay Miles. 10K miles nalang ang roundtrip papuntang Japan. Ano ba OK na hotel sa bandang Tokyo? May kasama kaming mga kids. And sana yung paglabas ng hotel e marami ng mapuntahan na walking distance lang.

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    Jan 2003
    i might help. pm me your email add. i can send you a list of japan hotels/rates.

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    Jan 2006
    Hmmm. The thread was started in 2004. But, what the heck.

    Hotels rates in Japan are expensive, esp in Tokyo. I stayed at the Haneda Excel Inn (3 separate trips) for a total of 3 1/2 weeks last year. It's a bit more expensive because of the convenience*. It's right there at Haneda Airport. The prices of the rooms I stayed in ranged from Y18,000.00 to Y19,500.00 depending on number of beds (1 or 2).

    *It's also used by many airline pilots and stewardesses.

    Add: The quality of the rooms is nothing to write home about. But, the toiletries like toothbrush, shave, and comb are sealed. The tv sets are LCD. The internet is wired DSL. Of course, I love the toilets. It even has warm water. I guess it comes in handy after a long flight.
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    Jun 2006
    HAha! the first time I used those are in a hospital in Yokohama when i got the flu. It's that exact model that you've posted. The heating comes in handy especially in the winter. nagulat ako when the tube thing came out.

    ang masasabi ko lang, i want one installed in my home back in the philippines.
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    Jan 2006
    Looking at and other online travel sites, there are a number of hotels in Tokyo with reasonably priced rooms ($120-$140 per night). Haneda Excel starts at $146 for a room with single bed. Good luck trying to find one available. I always get stuck with a 2-bed room.

    Haneda Excel Tokyu

    There are hotels with very cheap rates ($27 per night). But, I'd have to share the room and bathroom with other travelers. I wouldn't mind esp for such a low rate. But, most are far from the airport. I wouldn't mind the communal system so long as it's in Japan. There, I don't have to worry about some guy snuggling next to me.

    Add: Amazing that even in hotels, the contrasting cultures (westernized and traditional) of Japan show quite well.
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    Aug 2005

    for thoso who is planning to apply a tourist visa to Japan, visit this site, just prepare all the documents needed, tapos call mo their hotline 1-909-101-0011 (32pesos/min) then they will pick-up the document at your desire address and deliver back to you after 5 days with visa na, assuming no need personal appearance at 350 pesos per passport only

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