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View Poll Results: Do you belive that the Great Wall of China is visible from the moon?

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  • Yes, I believe it is possible to see it from the moon

    5 26.32%
  • No, I believe it is not possible to see it from the moon

    10 52.63%
  • Take me to your leader, Earthling!

    3 15.79%
  • I believe I can fly by flapping my arms.

    1 5.26%
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  1. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    ako din di pa ko nakarating sa moon, pero natapakan ko na great wall of china. it is about 10 meters wide at its widest (at the base) and about 6 meters wide at the top. so from near earth orbit it will probably appear as a thin line. but from the moon, naaaah!

  2. Join Date
    Jul 2005
    ok anybody remember way back when the Inquirer newspaper has a portion named DID U KNOW THAT? it was mentioned that great wall is visible from the moon.

  3. Join Date
    Aug 2003
    oo naman.

    dala ka lang ng telescope. or ibrowse mo sa Google Earth while you're on the moon :D

  4. Join Date
    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue

    just to tickle your imagination further:

    The Biggest Pyramid of Egypt is also claimed to be visible on the naked eye from the moon but not because of its large structure. But because the tip of the pyramid is emitting a powerful type of unknown light energy that is invisible to local earth eyes. It is theorized that if ever nasa Mars or Moon ikaw, you can see a white star in the middle of the earth. (Egypt is near the equator). To prove that there is energy being emitted daw, try to fly a fighter jet on top of the great pyramid, mag-crash daw yun jet.

    now regarding the Wall of China, it might be visible because of the reflection of the Sun, kasi our naked eyes naman respond to light energy lang (just like digicams hehehe). but kudos to the people who constructed the great wall, kasi pano nila nalaman yun angles to make a good reflection, not to mention, the choice of bldg. materials.
    Digicams are not limited to the visible spectrum. Try taking a picture of your TV remote control, you'll see the IR LED lighting up

  5. Join Date
    Dec 2003
    the pyramid is built by aliens

  6. Join Date
    Feb 2005
    hindi ko kita sa google earth

  7. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    nope... straight from NASA:

    even from low-orbit space orbit... hindi daw kita... what more kung sa moon?

  8. Join Date
    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer
    the pyramid is built by aliens
    The teletubbies in particular :agree:

  9. Join Date
    Aug 2004
    I agree with NASA... errh... Mazda... even if, technically, it is visible, it is not visible to the NAKED eye. You cannot SEE features on the moon smaller than a few thousand miles WITHOUT a telescope, what more the Great Wall?

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2005
    cguro kung iaallow nilang magdala ng car sa great wall, at ako ang may ari ng car na yon baka pwede ko pang makita

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DO you belive that the Great Wall of China is visible from the moon?