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    Sep 2004
    Swiss Air - super ganda nang service! libre tsokoleyt pah!

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    Nov 2002
    philippine airline yun nga lang late lagi

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    Mar 2004
    di ko paniwala magagaling pilot ng pal. minsan ako sakay diyan, connecting sa hong kong (the old kai tak airport, wherein naga-skipping rope ang eporlano bago landing, he-he). medyo mata-as yata approach niya lkaya gawa ng piloto bagasak niya kalagitna-an dc-10 tapos sabay reverse thrust. sus! maryopes. bagsakan ang mga bagahe sa overhead cabin kasi medyo nag-fish tail ang plane. kaya mula noon whenever me connecting ako via pal, nire-reroute ko. I prefer lufthansa, klm, at emirates. good, efficient service. pwede ka pa on-line booking. no hassle.

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    Feb 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by OiC65

    where can i find comparison of air fare rates of different airlines. from manila to denmark, round trip for 3 mos. ty
    You can try the airline's websites kaso mataas usually quote nila esp. pag international flights. Best way I guess is to inquire from a reputable travel agency as there are promos often.

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    Jan 2005
    For food, i go with Japan Airlines.
    For food and service, i go with Cathay Pacific.

    All others (PAL, Canadian Air, Air Canada, Northwest, Eastwest, United, Delta, America West, Continental, Southwest,American Airline, Alaska) are average.

    Frontier is the crappiest.

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    Jan 2005
    Mga tsong meron lang ko gustong linawin regarding sa pal and other airlines. Lalo na sa PAL-plane always late. Im working on one and only repair station ng aircraft here in the phils. In comparison sa pal and other airlines sa maintenance ng aircraft perepereho silang merong sinusunod na maintenance manual na galing sa mga manufacturer. and most of the foreign airlines they follow what is written to the maintenance manual. Unlike sa Pal they impose a more strickter than what is written on the maintenance manual to ensure passenger and and aircaft safety. Kung kayat minsan with the same trouble with other foreign airlines, ang pal delay or grounded and aircraft samantalang ang foreign aircraft lumilipad.Example meron scratch sa window, sa other airline we measure it, if per maintenance manual its still allowable no work will be done, unlike sa PAL papalitan na ito ng bago. Yan po lang ang alam ko, kayo na ang maghusga kong ano ang gusto nyo, Lumipad ang aircraft or delay but your safety sure and not compromise. And most of their pilots are excellent. Nakaksama ko sa tuwing nag tetest flight ng aircraft pag merong major component na pinalitan na makakaapekto sa flight, Ang this this flight is not just any ordinary light. Here we are doing some extreme maneuvering on the aircraft and see how the aircraft respond. Even turnning off the engine and making sure that it will run again. Ginagawa naman ito doon sa gitna ng karagatan at hindi sa popullated areas. BOW and thank you.

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    Jan 2005
    With due respect to all the people who work in the airline industry - i think most paying customer doesn't care about somebody elses job. That is why people are paid to do their job, and i expect them to do their job on-time. I travel a lot and of course i pay for my tickets. As a customer, there's only 3 things im concerned about, food, service and a comfortable flight.

    We all have our jobs and we are paid to do our jobs. If we dont do our jobs on time then we are not doing our job as our employers expect. Now, if i go to a restaurant to eat and the server tells me its gonna take 3 hours because they dont have the main ingredient to cook my order - would that be a good excuse? I eat out because i want to eat and be served.

    If i go to a service center to have my oil changed - and they dont do their job on time because of blah blah blah - would you still pay them to do your service?

    For a lot of people (especially here in North America), time is gold, literally. Putting your plane behind schedule will make any airline out of business. There has been a lot of times when i have to catch a meeting a few minutes after landing and would surely miss a million dollar project if i miss it - so, airline service is very time sensitive.

    I think any company who cant stay on-top of their schedules should:
    1. hire more people
    2. get more equipments
    3. train employees
    4. be organized
    5. should know the value of time
    6. should know time management
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