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    Oct 2002
    Ah the iconic LC Tank!

    With this weather, makes me think about lifting the Prado and getting a snorkel. Sorry, gone OT.

    To those interested:
    Avilon Zoo costs P500 per adult and P350 for kids below 3.5 feet. Not sure if the coupon websites will offer another round of 50% discounts. If so, and you do come across them, let us know.

    For the feeding areas, the food will cost you around P40-50.

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    Oct 2002
    ^Nice tip on looking for discount promos. Laking bagay yan and i will look na rin.

    OT: Snorkel na yan (with a conservative 2 inch lift). Even if you don't really intend to use it, it's nice to know the extra capabilities "just in case". Next year, we're considering the option of changing our Altis to a Hilux (even just the 2.5 E model) instead of getting another Altis mainly because of our terrible roads and the annual flooding.

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    Sep 2009
    puwede rin kayong bumili ng pets diyan. yung mga exotic denr registered.

    they also breed some exotics.

    dala lang din kayo ng hat, cap o payong para pag either mainit o maambon.

    kitakits na lang tayo. ako nga pala yung guwaping na nasa reptile section kung matyempuhan niyo ako.

    btw, ang zoo nato kung meron kayong mga chikiting na pagurin maglalakad dala kayo ng stroller dahil may kalakihan itong zoo nato.

    worth yung ibabad niyo dahil yung mga animals dito wala sa karamihan ng zoo.

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Avilon Zoo