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    Feb 2009
    why stick shifts are going away:

    1. electric cars have direct drive

    2. hybrid cars use split drive

    3. start-stop car operation is not possible with stick shift

    4. with ADAS (advance driver assist system) is not possible with stick shift

    5. vehicle stability control, traction control, requires selective braking that uses throttle by wire

    6. vehicle anti-theft systems work with starter inhibit, which can be surmounted by push-starting the car

    7. self parking function is not possible with stick shift
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    Jan 2007
    A few nitpicks:

    Honda was able to make the CR-Z work with a stick.

    Throttle by wire has nothing to do with stick. All of those traction and stability systems work on 6MT equipped cars.

    VW was able to make start-stop work with their 6MT.

    The rest I agree with.

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    Mar 2008
    i have two near-extinct MTs in the garage.
    i haven't replaced their trans oils since ondoy.

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