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No idea on the cost and waiting time. :D

Age and condition of your current plate will not matter at all. Unless LTO suddenly changes the design overnight, expect your new plates to be stamped onto the same rizal plate design as when it was first released in 2002-03.

Special plates or the vanity plates officially issued by LTO (for a special fee) have a different shade (dark greenish) and dark olive font. Only vehicle owners who apply for vanity plates will get this plate design and color.

The regular rizal plates has a bluish shade (bec. of the sky) with green font and border. Every vehicle registered will get this design, even those with customized alphabet and numbers.

For-hire vehicles will get the same design but with the sky having a yellowish tint with dark olive font and border. Only for-hire vehicles will get this design.

Government vehicles get the same rizal design and blue shade but with red border and font.

The plates issued by LTO have different shades and design (vanity plate series) to differentiate one from the other. LTO will not allow you to chose what plate design or shade you want. They will issue the design and shade that they deem appropriate for your vehicle registration category.
what if my plate now is a special plate... but its one of the first rizal plates and it doesnt have the dark olive color. If we have it replaced, will it have a dark olive color na?