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    Oct 2002
    The MNTC has started to apprehend motorists violating the 100kph maximum speed limit on the closed-system portion of the NLEX.

    They would apprehend the said motorist upon approaching the Bocaue tollplaza (going to Manila).

    This cannot still be implemented in the open-system portion since there exits of the said portion doesn't have a toll gate.

    How do they do this? There are imbedded and fixed speed traps along the stretch of the NLEX. Once you "trigger" the said traps, a camera (placed around 40 ft overhead) will take your license plate numbers.

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    Apr 2005
    Nice. I hope that they also implement the "leftmost lane for overtaking only" rule.

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    Oct 2002
    solution: drive at 200 kph so that all that will register in the camera would be a blur. bwahahahahaa (just kidding)

    nahuli ka mazdamazda ano? hehehe

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    Jul 2004
    Hahaha. gusto ko yung solution ni sir mbt. Sana naman taasan nila kahit konti yung maximum speed limit. 120-140 kph man lang sana. Mazdamazda, thanks for the warning. Mahilig pa naman ako mag speed sa NLEX.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by mbt
    nahuli ka mazdamazda ano? hehehe
    di naman... nasa open-system portion naman ako lagi (balintawak to bocaue). so medyo safe pa ako. hehe.

    got that info from an officemate (who travels pampangga to manila daily).

    btw, I've already memorized the locations of all speedtraps within the open-system. what I usually do is to slow down before the speed trap then accelerate again afterwards. the portion of the speedtrap has a horizontal tar strip across it. then there's the 40-ft camera tower (and even a power room) in the shoulder portion.

    the 100kph speed limit is such a bore (especially on long drives). I agree with kulit, it should be around 120-140kph.

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    Oct 2002
    boring nga 100kph, dapat taasan nila kahit na 120kph man lang.

    so pag nahuli ka ano gagawin? multa? how much? if you get caught in more than 1 speed trap does that mean you pay more? or pareho din ang penalty?

    dapat they should also penalize those that drive at less than 99kph para aat least kahit na 100kph lang takbo e wala ka na need mag-overtake!

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    Nov 2002
    san ba ung mga part na may speed traps?

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    Oct 2002

    before MNTC took over the operations of NLEX, i was always cruising at 150-160kph. since february, 100-110kph nalang ako because i thought implemented na agad ang speed limit. kating kati na kasi ang paa ko to step more on the accelerator because ang daming nagoovertake sa akin now that they're finally put their speed traps in place and in operation, mas mapipigilan na akong mag speeding

    don't know if it's true, 2.5K daw ang penalty for overspeeding.

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    Apr 2004
    dapat nga at least 120kph.. at the same time yung mga less than 80kph na nasa fast lane na ayaw tumabi kahit anong pass light mo, makunan din ng camera(hehe). Kapag na-overtake-an mo sila galit pa.

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    May 2004
    Oo nga M2. Last friday galing ako San Fernando, Pampanga, pagdating sa bocaue tollgate(last toll ng Closed-system) pinahinto yung adventure sa tabi kong tollgate tapos yung nasa harap ng toll yung lalaking taga mntc me hawak na papel(i presume listahan ng plate number) at pinatabi. kala ko kung ano na yun.

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