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    Oct 2005
    Mga Sirs, salamat sa advise, I will go through with the demand letter, pag ayaw talaga, escalate ko na sa HLURB.

    SIr Innova Boy, your correct on CAP using the funds on real estate, but not sure if its with Fil-Estate and/or other developers. Pag totoo ngang fil-estate, kailangan ko lalong mapursige sa pag demand ng title ko.

    Sir Van118, parehas ba tayo ng kaso? same developer din ba? In any case, I will publish to fellow tsikoteers any updates.

    Thanks again!

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    Oct 2004
    hmmm dapat refund talga e ! kasi may same case rin nangyari regarding my dad , he bought a unit sa tagaytay BATULAO name nung tinatayo na resort ata yun or condo or what de ko sure talga e hehe kasi matagal na ! pero hindi natpos yung ginagawa ! so angdemand daw ko ng refund siympre de natapos e una ayaw pero dinemanda ng dad ko tpos in the end nakuha namin FULL refund ng binayad namin!

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    Oct 2005
    kmo, pag nag demandahan na, ikleclaim ko ay yung full refund plus damages (lawyers fees, etc...). Ganun kaya ginawa ng Dad mo? Sino nga pala developer nung Batulao?

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    Oct 2005
    Hi Sirs,

    As promised, I will update the status of what has happened into having my lot titling problem resolved.

    ~2.5 years have passed and it seems theres going to be a resolution na.

    Sirs Elroi, iceman, 111prez, yebo, baiskee, first off will be to thank all of you since the demand letter and opening the concern to HLURB did a lot to help in getting my problem to near resolution.

    Di ko na idedetail by date pero what I did was that I emailed HLURB after googling their webpage and getting the email add of the person in charge. I guess medyo maraming kaso handled by region IV kya natagalan sa reply but after 2 months, I got a very comprehensive letter from HLURB detailing the violations by Fil Estate as well as my rights and instructions of what I need to do. Kaya gumawa ako ng demand letter as also instructed by HLURB, and attached the email from them.

    We demanded an audience with the project VP and right then and there, he signed the letter, called somebody to help us on our request. They mentioned to us that hindi na talaga matutuloy yung palacio real and two options are available, 1st, a refund but will be given in installment and a replacement of our unit on open projects that they have across the country. Ang problema, yung refund amount per month, napaka baba so we opted for replacement lots. The meeting ended with the VP and the agent to look for options for replacement.

    So months passed and several options were offered pero masyadong malayo or the place was not good enough for me. Kaya naghanap pa sila. medyo natagalan kaya tinawagan namin yung SA at inopen nya na nag file pa rin pala sya for refund at pwede daw i increase yung refund amount per month ng mas malaki. Since nangangailangan ako ng pera that time, I agreed to her suggestion in parallel with looking for replacement lots. Since nagtiwala kami na she will be updating us, pinabayaan na muna namin sila at ayun, nagtagal na naman. Tumawag kami ulit at nalaman namin na yung SA namin, hindi na sya yung nag hahandle kasi she had to go on emergency leave, kya reset ulit yung progress namin and we had to start over with the new SA.

    Ginawa namin, tinutukan na namin and we pushed for replacement. Late last month, nakakita ng replacement, although medyo may kalayuan din, but the place is really nice. We have agreed with replacement and now we are working out with the details and arrangements, discounts (since mas malaki yung lot) and final pricing. So once completed na to, I will be able to get my title.

    So thanks again sa inyo, hopefully, mafafinalize na yung arrangements by early next month. Thanks and God Bless.

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    Jul 2004
    glad to know that your concern/issue is nearing full resolution

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    Oct 2002
    Good to hear your complaint is getting somewhere... After over 6 years.

    A close friend of mine said that his investments in Fil Estate have always been bad/regretted decisions (bought a lot in one of their developments and Golf club share in John Hay and Southwoods back in the 90's).

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help on lot titling..lawyers in the house, need help!!