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    Jul 2006
    Bakit ba nagkakaron ng double license? I was supposed to renew my license last tuesday at the LTO in metropoint but after having my picture taken, one of guys told me I had a "double license". When they enter my license number in their computer, its not my name that shows up. So I talked to their superior on what I should do and he told me to fix it in the issuing branch which is the one in Tambo, Pque. They fixed it and told me that my birthday was wrong thats why another name appears on their computer. It took me three hours to renew my license because "nag-hahang daw computer nila" when I should have gotten my license in less than an hour in metropoint had I not encountered the problem.

    I don't know how their system works but how can a wrong birthday result to a different name in their records when the birthday on my license was correct? I doubt they have fixed the problem and being the pessismist that I am, expect to have problems the next time I renew.

    When I got my student's permit and non-pro, I did it the right way and never dealt with fixers.(my dad would kill me if I did) Thats why I was a bit pissed when the person in metropoint told me dinaya/minagic/hocuspocus at dinaan sa loob kaya ganun.(exact words yan. daldal nung guy) I'm one of the few people who went through the process and ganun pa bintang nya. Good thing their superior was better and told me nicely that there must have been an error in my records and that I should fix it in the issuing branch.

    Nung palabas nako sa LTO tinanong ako nung fixer na lumapit sakin kung magkano daw binayad ko para maayos ung double license. Sabi ko wala. Bat naman ako magbabayad eh alam ko naman wala ako mali at kasalanan nila yun double license.

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    Oct 2002
    if you did it the right way when the time you got your license, baka may handling, procedures and systems glitch. baka when the time you got your license, manual mode pa, and during the course of the migration of the LTO system to computerized, mali ang encoding.

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    Jan 2007
    Madaming posibleng source ng computerization error, some of which has absolutely nothing at all to do with you. Hindi naman yung mga taga-LTO nagprogram niyan so some if not most of them, may not understand the sources of error. It won't do to antagonize them though, so it's best to find an amicable way of asking them to kick the bug issue 'upstairs' para ma debug yung program kung kinakailangan.

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    Sep 2008
    kapag nakalusot ka na ba sa pagkuha ng new non-pro, may chance parin masita ka sa renewal?

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    Apr 2019
    I have this problem. Paano gagawin.

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    Jul 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by arthur101 View Post
    I have this problem. Paano gagawin.
    Hi arthur101, I also have this problem. Paano mo naayos yun sa yo? Twice kasi ako nag apply ng driver's license, dual citizen kasi ako, yun isa using filipino citizen, the other one using another citizenship's name. Kaya nun nag renew ako hindi nakapag print ng card. Medyo mabigat pala penalty sa ganitong problem, 2 years hindi pwede mag apply ng driver's license, tapos 20,000 fine.

Double License