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    Sep 2003
    A friend is offering me to buy his good condition 1999 RAV4. Before I make an offer, I would like to get anyone's comments on the following concerns:

    1) What is the market price of a 1999 RAV 4?

    2) Are there any known problems with this vehicle?

    The unit was bought in August 1999, has four doors and is a 4x4 variant. The mileage is around 40k. It has manual transmission.

    If there are existing owners of this RAV4 model, I'd very much appreciate getting your first hand experience/comments about the SUV (both good ones and bad ones).

    Thanks in advance. ;)

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    Jul 2003
    dunno about the aftermarket price...

    pero for more info, international nga lang to

    dami may ari ng ganyan model dyan mga feedback and all...

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    Jan 2003
    check out:

    RAV 4 1999 645,000 (neg) 5dr, A/T, airbag, orig paint, tire cover. 937-4020.
    RAV 4 1999 667,000 (neg) blue, 5dr, A/T, 46Tkm, FLD, 1st owned, fresh in/out. 457-8532 or (0918) 9368830.
    RAV 4 2000 850,000 4x4, A/T, silver, 1st owned, 28Tkm, fresh in/out. Mark 439-9130.
    RAV 4 2000 650,000 avbl on order basis fr Japan, P50T dp. Joel 939-1791.
    RAV 4 2001 920,000 (neg) 4x4, A/T. (0918) 5656877.
    RAV 4 2001 928,000 A/T. 705-1412.

    malamang Gen 1 yung '99 prices above kaya mura. i assume, Gen 2 yung binebenta ng friend mo.

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    Oct 2002
    1999 is still Gen1. Gen 2 started 2000 na AFAIK.

    I have a '98 Gen1 Manual 5 door. I got it with 66K mileage. Had the ffg done since then:
    1. Clutch overhaul and replace brake pad- due na kasi - cost me 11K
    2. Changed Aircon cooling coil - bumigay kasi - cost me 11K
    3. Changed 4 tires - kalbo na kasi - cost me 9600
    4. Changed Head Unit - wala kasi CD - cost 7500
    5. Detailed/maintained at BigBerts - la lang - cost me 0 kasi I'm a co-owner of BigBerts hehe.

    Sarap i-drive. Malamig ang AC. Malufet sa floods. Spare tire mounted na ang bike rack ko.

    Matakaw sa gas (6-7km/li) pag traffic. Pero highway ok naman. upto 9-10km/li. Leg room for the rear seats is quite cramped. Spartan interior.

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    Jul 2003
    yeap 1994-1999 gen1

    2000-2003 gen2

    2004 gen2.5 daw hehe

    mukhang yung mga 2001 rav d na mabebenta sa ganung price un, masyado na silang malapit sa price ng brandnew 2004

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    Jun 2004
    Ano po ang maganda/pangit, good/bad, pros/cons of a 2 door RAV4

    May lo-mileage and sariwang 1997 model na ibinebenta sa akin...what is a fair price for this?

    OR, what would you rather acquire? (for the same amount?)

    Marami pong salamat sa inyong lahat!

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    Oct 2002
    400k +
    nakasakay na ko sa turtle type 2-door ng friend ko.
    makalampag den. masikip.
    masikip ang legroom.
    buti na lang, pampasok lang sa school. kung hindi. siksikan palagi un.

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    Apr 2004
    well, its bouncy though it still has enough power. Have tried riding on that.

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    Oct 2002
    I'd prefer the Gen1 CR-V over the Gen1 Rav4. though it is priced a bit higher.

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    Oct 2002
    This thread might help:

    - Toyota Rav4 thread click here!

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