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    Feb 2009
    Hi guys! Im planning to buy innova kaso im stuck between innova e a/t and innova g a/t. which variant do you think is more sulit? hehe what are the major differences in terms of features? Thanks in advance!

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    May 2005
    Around 100K differernce bet.the two variants.

    What does the G have that is not found in the E:

    -Beige interior color vs. Gray
    -TVSS w/ key fob vs. none
    -Steering wheel audio control vs. none
    -Chrome front hood edge, rear door garnish edge, door handles, side mirror housing vs. black plastic
    -Side moulding protector w/ chrome insert vs. none
    -Sunglass holder near rear view mirror vs. none
    -Diffrerent design of magwheels
    -Glass mounted antenna vs. manual driver's side a-pillar mounted
    -Trip computer or Multi Information display vs. clock only
    -Optitron gauges vs. analogue
    -Dual front airbags vs. driver's only
    -Full moquette upholstery vs. cloth/viny combi.
    -Power side mirrors vs. none
    -HU (I believe are similar) 6 speakers vs 4 speakers
    -Aux Power outlet vs. none
    -High mount stop lamp vs. none
    -Backup sensor vs. none

    I believe that is all, unless I missed something.
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    Mar 2009
    @TS : Mag G ka na. :hysterical:

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    Feb 2008
    go for g.

    why? most of the mods/accessories that you will be looking for in an e are already in g. will definitely cost more than having it done outside, BUT you get what you pay for - everything is stock, clean, no boring of holes, no taps, splicing, etc...

    basta if you got the funds, just go for g.

    a bit OT, imho between g and v, i'd still go for g because of the 2nd row seat. i don't care of the pilot seat. i wanted the bench type.

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    Oct 2002
    If you're just after basic useage, the E is quite sufficient enough as you have alloy wheels, ABS, allpower features and the rear wiper (na wala sa J). If you feel you need a beige interior, optitron gauge, chrome doodads, digital a/c control panel, etc, etc. then the G is the vartiant you would choose.

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    Jul 2007
    if your budget permits, go for the G variant. sulit naman yung price diff. with the added features. ganda din ng beige interior. i find the gray interior of the E just too plain. you also have more color options with the G.
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    Mar 2009
    I'd suggest, if you're dead sure about the Innova G, choose the color that's not seen on lower variants such as black, bronze etc.

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    May 2005
    Although we could have ordered a G or V, it was my decision to order an E variant.

    -Leather Upholstery is hard to maintain and captain chairs reduce the passenger capacity (even if its only by 1 pass). So scratch the V out.

    -Beige interior is harder to maintain (We have a Fortuner so I didn't want to multiply the efforts required for interior maintenance with another beige interior). The gray interior of the E is a welcome change.

    -Auto climate control is not great and like all electronics will eventually break down. Same feature found in our Fortuner. I still prefer the manual rotary knobs on the E.

    -Most of the bells and whistles accessories are all superficial and do not contribute to any performance or economy enchancements to the vehicle. This Innova is going to be driven by the driver 100% of the time so no need to pay extra for things that won't be fully utilized anyway.

    -The E is a big upgrade from the J. It has all power features found in the G and V except side mirrors.

    -It has alloy wheels + spare (in my opinion a better design than those in G or V).

    -Just install a much better after market alarm bec. the TVSS is really not much help (The TVSS in our Fortuner only wails every Dec 31 bec. of loud and vibrating firecracker explosion outside, anything else, nada).

    -The E has most safety features found in the G or V except passenger airbag. It has driver's side airbag and ABS already.

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    Aug 2009
    +1 for number001. Same kami ng reason, pero ang pinaka-nag stand out na reason kung bakit namin pinili yung E is yung interior color. Yung beige interior na car namin, parang nadudumihan na kaagad ako. Pero yung gray interior ng innova namin, parang hindi nadudumihan. Share ko lang

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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by number001 View Post
    -It has alloy wheels + spare (in my opinion a better design than those in G or V).
    I agree that the alloys of the Innova E looks better than those of the G & V variants.

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