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    Apr 2004
    bidang-bida na pala biodiesel dito... "Biodiesel solves Toyota D4D engine woes"

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    May 2005
    This yet to be proven, Pero nag try na rin ako sa Innova ko so far so good.

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by RafRaf
    bidang-bida na pala biodiesel dito... "Biodiesel solves Toyota D4D engine woes"
    Rafraf, theory pa lang namin yan ni altec based on fundamental knowledge. Wala pang scientific or labratory evidence to prove this in an actual D4D 2KD-FTV engine under a controlled environment (where the only variable is biodiesel).

    But it does make sense coz all over the web, you will read that when Europe (Germany & France in particular) implemented Euro III - ang daming fuel pump ng mga turbo-diesels nila ang bumigay - they pointed to lack of lubricity in low-sulfur diesel that caused their fuel pumps to fail.

    If you have time, these are good reading:

    The US is ahead of Europe in low-sulfur diesel implementation. Euro III (0.05% sulfur content in diesel was mandated in the US way back in 1993 while Europe mandated this in 1999, sa pinas, I think in 2004).

    Biodiesel is an internationally recognized solution for fuel pump failures caused by low-sulfur diesel. When using low-sulfur diesel, "use B100 as a 2~5% additive". This is in the first link above.

    Guys, the solution to our D4D Engine Woe is posted all over the net, we just didn't do our homework on time, and Toyota is just too dumb to figure it out.
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    May 2005

    please contact mr. Titong Dalisay. Davao Reach Global Distributor Corp. He is a J and J distributor din. Here is his contact number area code ng davao) 301 2541, 235 8087. Email address is : felitodalisay*, cel# 09209046095.
    Available na rin ang BIoActiv sa Petron stations in Davao. We just finished the training last week.

    Aaron drin

    Quote Originally Posted by tocloy
    OT: anong brand ng bio-diesel gamit ninyo? hindi pa kasi masyado common dito sa mindanao bio-diesel eh.. hindi pa nga ako nakakita nyan.. i heard Petron is selling bio-diesel tapos Flying V.. ok ba BD nila?

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    Mar 2006
    in my OWN opinion, mas ok pa din ang Di direction injection at natural aspirated typ kesa sa CRDI. mas trusted and reliable at proven na 2 kesa sa crdi although crdi engine is the latest in terms of diesel power high maintenance nga lang ang crdi compared sa Di at Na!! kost pikup here at DI and NA at proven na!!! beside, toyata is not known for diesel engines, consider NISSAN ISUZU OR MITSUBISHI those are tested brands in diesel.!!!

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    Mar 2006
    try using flying v envirotek cheaper but proven 125 k*Liter.
    approved by Dept of energy

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    May 2005
    Hello Peeps,
    Attention all Tsikoteers!
    For those of you who will travel for vacation this holy week holidays, please be informed that BioActiv ( Biodiesel ) will be available in NLEX and SLEX Petron Station. BioActiv will also be made available in Petron Lakbay Alalay Base Camps strategically located. So for those of tsikotters, check us out . See you all!!!

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    Aug 2003
    As quoted from the website, "Premature fuel injection system failure due to low lubricity diesel fuels is not covered by warranty!!" Pucha, hwag naman ito mabasa ng taga toyota at baka makakita ng away ang mga may sirang fuel pump! But on the other side, that will force toyota to require BD use!

    Excerpt naman sa usapc website:

    We first have to understand why lubricity is important for diesel fuel. There are several types of diesel fuel injection systems being used by engine manufactures which depend on fuel lubricity in varying degrees. Of all systems being used, the rotary distributor injection pump is the one most dependent on lubricity because the fuel provides 100% lubrication to the internal parts of the injection pump. As the rotary distributor injection pump is highly susceptible to boundary lubrication wear (i.e., when heavy metal-to-metal contact occurs with the fuel providing little or no lubrication), this potential wear becomes more severe with increasing ambient temperature and increasing loading on the engine. Any significant wear will lead to under run and/or stalling annoyances, and eventually premature pump failure. The remaining other types of fuel injection systems are not as highly dependent on the fuel for lubrication and therefore, are not as sensitive to low lubricity diesel fuel, sometimes referred to as “dry diesel fuel.”

    These rotary distributor injection pumps, typically found on small to medium size engines, are widely used, and are manufactured by Stanadyne Automotive Corporation,, DENSO Corporation, Robert Bosch GmbH, and Delphi Diesel Systems.

    Take note kasama dito denso and bosch. Ang tanong ko, is our d4d uses rotary type? If so, bulls-eye ang sinabi dito.

    If these are all true, then other crdi systems are threatened as well, it just so happens that the d4d engine is less durable than the other crdi systems out in the market.

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by altec
    . . . . Ang tanong ko, is our d4d uses rotary type? If so, bulls-eye ang sinabi dito.
    I think all fuel pump systems used nowadays are rotary type. Somewhere in this thread is a post by gabo saying that his casa - Toyota Ortigas said culprit is the impeller of the Denso supply pump. There you have it - the impeller is a compressor wheel (like a turbine wheel with large blades) and is the main component of a rotary type pump - this is what compresses the fuel and moves it forward at the same time pressurizing it.

    I used to work with a local foundry and we manufactured massive Warman and Ebarra pumps for flood control (pumps which were the size of a bus) and their impellers were gigantic.

    Toyota and Denso should know these things since they manufactured these components; and they should be advising us accordingly so we'll know how to maintain our delicate D4Ds, particularly our fuel supply pump . . . . and not leave us in the dark and figuring things out by ourselves.

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by altec
    aside from the fuel pump problem, d4d diesel is superior to the other diesels inside all the other auv. To compensate for this problem, go biodiesel, go d4d.
    In terms of technology, yes it is superior. But in terms of durability and reliability, it has a lot to be proven compared to Isuzu's 4ja1 and the legendary 4D56 of mitsu.
    Besides, Toyota is not known for their diesel engines.
    My 2 cents.

Toyota D4D engine woes