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    Jun 2005
    The news bureaus of our local networks already got my e-mail re: our D4D engine woes, but they temporarily shelved it since they're still busy covering pacman for the past 3 weeks.

    Sorry, I'm still very busy, I have my 7th and last board meeting this week at 3pm later - presenting business plan of a technology company. Starting next week, I can put more time making sure our plight gets to media.

    *Red, the Consumer Act you're refering to is still in the drawing board - not yet a law as of today. I already inquired this matter with the legal staff of Sen. Villar. Wala pang protection ang mga local consumers for defective merchandise being sold. Also my friend at DTI (college batchmate) is equally swamped with work. Hindi pa rin nya ma-atindi yung problema natin.

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    Dec 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by nugundam93
    limiting yourself to one fuel brand and one station is so wrong. what if sa ibang lugar ka inabutan? just let the car run dry and leave it there until you can get fuel from your station?

    james, siguro may kadalasang brand lang na pinapakargahan... In my case, caltex lang lagi ko na kinakarga pero nung nag subic kami and we need to refuel, wala kaming mahagilap na caltex station sa loob eh.. sa may gapo pa.. so nagpakarga na rin kami sa loob ng subic. hindi naman talaga masama na magstick lang sa isang fuel brand.. IMO

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    Jan 2006
    Iíve just written an e-mail to Toyota Motor Phillippines customer service manager, to highlight my experience with Innova's 4d4 engines. I mentioned also that this is not an isolated case, and there are other Innova owner's in this forum that experienced a similar problem. You may want also to email him or maybe we can send a collective email.
    I donít have permission to broadcast her email address, so just PM me if you need it.

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    Dec 2005
    * Jaeger. Well, it seems you have been misled by the legal staff of Sen. Villar because RA 7394 (Consumer Act of the Philippines) is already and existing law. In fact, a check with the DTI website (click on consumer advisories) would show that such problem as defects in engine or other products can be the subject of an administrative complaint. Please see Title III, Chapter III on a minimum requirements of warranties for products and services.

    But the thing is, filing of an administrative complaint before the DTI would just be slap on the wrist on the part of toyota and the dealers. What should be done, if I were in the shoes of those people who suffered from the defective Innovas, is to file not only civil cases for damages against toyota and the dealership including return of the amount paid for, but also administrative complaint against them, and should there be an administrative finding of violation of the law, a criminal case can also be filed against toyota and the responsible dealers. Please note that the rights arising from RA 7394 is separate and distinct from those that can be found in the civil code especially with respect to warranties in sales.

    I just hope that this would at least provide the others who suffered the same fate as larshell an overview of how to address legally their problems against toyota.

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    May 2005
    *Red Bureau, Mukhang pamilyar ka sa Law kaya mag tatanong na ako. In my case i already claim my warranty wd toyota they already act on it and i accepted it and i sign some documents saying that they act accordingly.My Innova is now in Good condition beside the noise im hearing from the engine starter. What do you think?Do i still have a case? I call DTI before i claim my warranty to toyota and they said that i have to go to toyota first and if toyota ignore me that's the time they will do some action.

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    Jul 2004
    i believe that jaeger is referring to the "LEMON LAW" which is still being deliberated. this is different from the consumer act of the philippines which is already in force but appears to be inadequate in terms of protecting the rights of new car buyers

    there are already discussions on the consumer act, the remedies, filing an e-complaint with the dti and other related matters

    just search for this. there is a lot of information there

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    May 2005
    we suggest that you must limit your fill up to one source only, it doesnt mean na even ma run out ka na, hindi ka na magpa karga. Now here comes common sense, mugen! Guys, if you understand petrolem, and it's characteristics, mag karoon ka rin idea about re fuelling! There are incompatibility issues when you mixed to different brands of fuel! Take note that

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    Dec 2005
    *larshell. Unless you signed a waiver of your future claims against toyota and the dealer, you would have no case. But in the event that your car experienced again the same defect then you have the right to seek redress for the wrongs committed against you. Essentially, it would be a case for damages based on quasi-delict or even contract if based on the non-fulfillment of the warranty clause. Please note that even under the consumer act, it is required that the manufacturer must meet the minimum standard of warranty which is to give you the option to demand for replacement, refund or repair the defective vehicle. However , in the event a case is filed, it becomes a matter of appreciation for the courts and is entirely dependent on the person seeking redress like you to prove your point against toyota and the dealers.

    Actually, the present law would be sufficient if it would be given the "teeth" or enforcement it deserves. The problem is that we're all facing a multinational giant and moneyed dealers. Any consumer who's filing a case should always consider these factors if he wants to be vindicated.

    Nonetheless, before signing anything, consult a lawyer first.

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    Jan 2006
    It's a good think i saw this soo long thread on time. I just called my SA and asked him to change my D4D order to a VVTi engine. Thank you guys!

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    May 2005
    Whenever Sales Agents are confronted and queried about this type of problem regarding the D4-D, they always feign ignorance and blame it on "bad apples" in the inventory. I think it is a serious misrepresentation and tantamount to fraud, if Toyota think they can pass onto consumers a vehicle that has the potential to be defective, without doing something about the situation (like investigating or temporarily halting sales until the cause is identified).

Toyota D4D engine woes