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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by number001
    Do you have the link for this? If you have then finally we can have the first piece of evidence that this problem is not limited to the Philippines only.
    It's the same links sa post ni kook.

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    Mar 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by andre
    Other brand CRDi vehicle only represent a very small percentage compared to Toyota's D4D. That's why there's no problem or few problem with other brand's CRDi. Remember Toyota is No. 1 in almost all category.
    Your reference seems to be a little bit off, when comparing two or more different variables, place them on a consistent scenario like (Note: Example Only) - Hyundai Starex with faulty fuel pump - 10% of the total production vs Toyota Innova with faulty fuel pump 12% of the total production, in this manner, you can objectively come up with a conclusion, irregardless of the number of items/constants
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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by KCboy
    hindi nyo ba niconsider na baka yung d4d can't swallow the dirty diesels we have in the philippines. yung d4d ng fortuner na 3 liter, less problems because 2 daw yung filter or maybe it's because not enough 3liter d4d owners in the philippines.
    KCboy, nakakatuwa ang mga palusot ng Toyota sa problems nila sa D4D. 2 daw filter ng 3.0? Eh kung totoo yang sinasabi nila, bakit di nila ni modify ang Innova para matapos na ang mga D4D problems na yan? Sa opinion ko, mapa 2.5 o 3 liter pa yan, displacement lang ang pinagkaiba. DENSO pa rin ang supplier nila. And DENSO has a bad reputation dahil sabi nila, same company din nag supply sa ISUZU Patrol noon at nagka problema din. Sa ibang pyesa, oo maaring ayos ang product nila. Pero CRD system, yan at may evidence pa na malayo pa sila sa BOSCH CRD. Infact, may nabasa ako noon na Toyota model na car manufactured in Japan fitted with BOSCH components sa CRD nila. I'll post it pag na hanap ko uli. DAming trabaho lang kasi ngayon eh. Pa singit-singit lang ako.

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by BoyFerrari
    Of course hindi pwedeng lahat.... atleast for now, since nag-uumpisa pa lang yung problem. Mahirap ding magsalita ng tapos kasi.
    Ganon. wag naman sana.

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    Oct 2002
    The Toyota D4d failure could be a result of dirty fuel. But fuel quality is beyond Toyota's control so they should address this by modifying their systems to cope with whatever factor is causing it to fail.

    Hyundai CRDi's have been here in the local market (albeit through the gray market) a few years longer than Toyota CRDi systems. Yet, there is not much problem with their systems and they still use the same system of fuel delivery in their current CRDi units.

    If Toyota really wanted to address the CRDi problem, they should replace those with failed CRDi systems with modified/improved parts rather than replacing them with essentially the same component that failed.

    When CMC had a recall of MB100's, that's what they did. Better intakes, better locks, stronger shifters, etc.
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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by apexi_66
    And DENSO has a bad reputation dahil sabi nila, same company din nag supply sa ISUZU Patrol noon at nagka problema din.
    mmm, did you mean ISUZU TROOPER or NISSAN PATROL?

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    Oct 2002
    Isuzu Trooper iyan malamang. Hindi ba, hindi naman Denso ang gamit ng Nissan at Mitsubishi?
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    Oct 2002
    isuzu trooper yan 4 suffering right now with it.hehehehe. kung alam nila, d kaya yung fuel quality, they should have installed 2 filters...i guess cost cutting kasi since ang innova ay pang masa na car, and yung innova naipit sa kanila since alot of people want to buy the fortuner.

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    May 2005


    Which model year of the Trooper do you have? Is this the one that Isuzu was selling with a "SkyRoof"?

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    Nov 2005
    Mga ka tsikoteers, mukhang may bagong problema na naman lumalabas sa mga Toyota Fortuner. Ano ba yannnnn mga igan : Check this new post from a guy from Thailand:

    Toyota Fortuner's had brake problem in Thailand.
    Submitted by thaifortuneruser on Sat, 2005-12-31 03:44.
    We test Toyota Fortuner with BEISSBARTH brake tester on 6/12/2005 in Bangkok THAILAND.

    We found the brake efficiency was 45% (below standrad)
    Brake force front axis left 3310 newton right 2870 newton
    Rear axis left 1730 newton right 1390 newton
    Brake imbalance front axis 13%
    Rear axis 19%

    ROAD TEST on 5/12 /48 found brake rotor temperature rise
    550 degree Centrigrade,brake pad crack , experienced brake fade and must increase pedal Force about 30% to obtain same stop distance.

    More information at
    (thai language)


    Sorry if this massage waste your times.

Toyota D4D engine woes