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    Feb 2008
    ayus ang odds ah hahahaha... parang simbigat ng lotto winner ang makakuha ng matinong d4d hahahahahaha...

    sabagay pwede nga hahahahaha....


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    May 2007
    ok people listen, after reading the posts here we decided "hey! we'll just get the latest version of the innova, perhaps they've already solved the diesel engine problems by now" so about a year ago we felt lucky and bought one.

    in 3-4 months time engine dies while coming to a stop. happened for 2-3 more times and we had returned it to toyota.

    1st thing they do. "ok sir, we'll replace your fuel pump for free"
    -that solves nothing and we continue to have engine stoppage when about to come to a stop.

    2nd thing they do... make an excuse "sir, marumi ang diesel sa pinas"
    -lame excuse because other supposedly "not so inferior" brands dont have these diesel engine problems.
    -"sir, palitan uli natin yun fuel pump"
    -of course thats not the solution duh... problem still continues.

    3rd thing they'll do... bahala ka na sa buhay mo. ok now here's the thing, Toyota doesnt know what the problem is. the simple conclusion is that they cannot fix it.

    We were already talking to the Owner of toyota q.ave and his warranty manager recently. all we got. "sir, sa filter yan eh. papalitan namin pero pag nasira pa uli d na namin wawarranty"


    We also have an architect friend who's got the same problem. and toyota offers him "help" by charging him money to change his "fuel pump"


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    Feb 2008
    ^^I know you are frustrated, but please wag ka naman mag write ng curse words openly; use **** para masensor yung word if you wanna put curse words.

    2 weeks ago may nakita naman akong Innova na stuck sa daan malas naman ang lakas pa ng ulan. Sinusubukan mag restart pero ayaw and then nakita ko the dreaded D4-D tag pasted on the unit instead of the VVT-i tag.

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    Sep 2003
    been experiencing hard starting lately, but without choking when started. what my friend did was to drain the fuel pump. nung 1st na draining, andaming dumi at tubig. The next day, I drained it again, wala ng dumi and pure diesel na lumalabas. From there, nawala na rin yung hard starting. I think after 1 month, I'll have to do this again para palaging malinis yung fuel pump niya.

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    Feb 2008
    After your discussions regarding the horrors of Toyota D4D, I finally decided to purchase an Innova G gas a/t. I have paid 50k down payment and the unit will be release this thrusday. thanks guys.

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    May 2005
    Very good decision!

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    Aug 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by attyallanlatras View Post
    After your discussions regarding the horrors of Toyota D4D, I finally decided to purchase an Innova G gas a/t. I have paid 50k down payment and the unit will be release this thrusday. thanks guys.
    Good for you sir. At least di mo sinugal yung hard earned money mo, and listened to the many victims of this tragedy.

    I have a friend kasi who wanted to buy an Innova diesel, but I forewarned her about the problem of the d4d. Eh matigas yung ulo, o di kaya eh feeling lucky siya, kaya hayun nalaman ko na lang na bumili pa rin ng Innova d4d.

    No word, though, kung nagkakaproblema siya, but I think it's still too early. Mga 1.5 months pa lang since bumili siya eh. Abangan.....

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    Feb 2003
    i have a d4d unit with a/t. almost 2 years old. although it hasn't died out yet, there were a few instances of engine vibration which was more than the usual.

    every time mag-start may kumakalabog, traced to a defective engine support. although since last year pa na report sa dealer, last month lang finally "na diagnose" na sira talaga yung engine support. it will be replaced next week.

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    May 2005
    C24, Syempre masisira talaga ang engine support mo kung 2years ka na may vibration, kaya siguro ngayon lang pinalitan.

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    Feb 2008
    this seems to be unending... pati sa india yata, may problema ang toyota d4d.

Toyota D4D engine woes