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    Sep 2003
    they put in a catalytic converter, so the power output is lower or slower to respond, hence problem solve DAW!

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    Jun 2006
    How will a cat solve the prob? AFAIK cats are used to lower emmissions.

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    Aug 2004
    Hahaha... let's see... fuel rail problems? Let's stick something on the exhaust! Duurrrh...

    So there are still problems with new D4D units? I still haven't heard of issues with those I know with D4Ds, and our new Hiace is doing fine... but the problem is apparently still there... just talked to another person who had issues (our auditor on the last audit).

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by DON2003 View Post
    they put in a catalytic converter, so the power output is lower or slower to respond, hence problem solve DAW!

    Hmmmm... that's weird.

    Maybe they decreased the boost or fuel pressure... kala naman nila tanga lahat ng tao na maniniwala na catalytic converter ang sagot.

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    Jan 2003
    The number car manufacturer in the Phils is also the number one problem with CRDI diesels ???? Catalyctic converter, weirdo nga. . .

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by numbah5 View Post
    guys, have you heard dos por dos on DZMM and DZMM teleradyo yesterday? one fortuner owner by the name of Col. Martinez yata went to DZMM and ask Anthony Taberna for help in seeking compensation from Toyota Phils. for his D4-D fortuner... yung sira ng fortuner niya is like yung typical defect ng mga Toyota D4-D... during the duration of the program ang daming text na dumating na sila rin ay nabiktima ng Toyota Phils. un sa mga D4-D units nila... even i was going to text DZMM kasi sa akin na pinakamalalang nangyari... yung fortuner ni Col. Martinez ay nasa Toyota Commowealth and one representative of Toyota Commonwealth even texted Anthony Taberna before Dos Por Dos ended saying that they are going to look into Col. Martinez's fortuner... biro niyo 2 years ng may problema ang Toyota D4-D ngayon lang may naglakas loob na lumapit sa media... Anthony Taberna was also saying that Toyota Phils. should be sued for violating the Anti Lemon Law...
    Yup, heard this one last Friday night. Tsk tsk, tinarandado pa nga daw siya ng mga personnel dun na nahaluan daw ng gaso kaya tumurik, yun na yung pangalawang balik nya na sa casa ha, tsk tsk! Sabi pa 5 weeks na yung oto na nasa casa (tagal nun!)... di raw ma-figure out, then si Col. is asking for a unit replacement na! Maganda naman dun, si Col. kept his composure and temper, di pa siya ganung nagalet, siya pa nga raw nagpapakababa sa mga tao dun, lalo na yung sa isang service advisor dun.

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    Jun 2006
    Kawawa naman talaga ang mga nabiktima nito.

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    Jul 2006
    the problem is, wala pang naglalakas loob na i-demanda ang Toyota... sabe ko nga kay erpat dapat tinuloy na lang niya yung demanda niya noon para napilitan talaga Toyota na i-recall at palitan lahat ng D-4D engines nila... btw, yung tito ni erpat bumili ng innova last october, D4-D rin... pinapabantay namin sa kanya kasi baka maging biktima siya ng big joke that is Toyota Motor Phils...

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    Jun 2006
    Dapat siguro gumawa sila ng coalition then do a class action suit:


    Defective Toyota D4D Victims or something along that line. Name pa lang palaban na. hehehe

    pero pinaka-OK yung PAIT (yung against Isuzu).

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    Sep 2003
    my kumpare had the first few units of the innova diesel (with backup sensors, power windows, etc) and he was telling me while driving sometimes, the car would start to feel like its going to die on him and even hearing fuel knock sa engine. to solve his problem, he give the car a bit more gas pedal and the engine will continue along. brought the innova to toyota and they said its a "defective supply pump" and that the service crew "forgot" to reset the computer kaya it got busted. waited for 2 wks and was called to change the pump, after the change he was telling me running A-ok already

Toyota D4D engine woes