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    Oct 2002

    Thanks for the clarification. Still waiting for feedback from Toyota.

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    May 2005
    Djerms, Can you pls ask Toyota if they do reprogramming w/ your Grandia?
    Reprogramming will consume 15min. Malakas kasi ang kutob ko na this is it.
    Until now wala pa akong alam na nag pa-reprogram. Thanks

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by albert99 View Post
    This forum should be made EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU AND YOUR FEW FRIENDS. Nakakatakot pala KOMONTRA sa mga feelings at experiences ninyo. This is "un-democratic". If ever there are people who come into this forum who are "new" but have their own opinion regarding the d4d tech (as they are presumed to be d4d owners) that are not in congruence with your design and expectations, your recourse is to threaten them with "WARNING"? You must know that in this country, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is guaranteed. WALANG MALI DITO. WALANG STANDARD. You don't have to issue this warning. I would like to tell you and your few friends in this thread that I am leaving for good just so "peace" would reign in your hearts! HAPPY NEW YEAR mga tsikoteers, YOU WIN.

    The warning was issued to you because you called those who are posting their D4D problems here as "a bunch of losers". Try telling that to your elders and let's see if you don't receive a crisp slap in the face from them.

    Freedom of expression? May I requote you on your earlier post:

    Quote Originally Posted by albert99
    let us not magnify those minute defects of the d4d...kasi iba ang effect or impact nito sa mga non-d4d owners (or walang kotse pero may alam)...everytime na dumadaan ang pogi nating innova or fortuner at nakikita ng mga iba dyan...ay lalaitin units natin...imagine when i was having a scratch on my bumper repainted, the pintor commented that the isuzu diesel engine is far better than what i had under the hood of my innova!
    So why are you try to prevent those affected with the said problem for posting their concerns? Just to save the Innova & Fortuner's image? Just to save the resale value of your vehicle?


    Let me remind you that this is a public forum that is bound by certain guidelines which is enforced by the moderators & administrators.

    This would be my last "colorful" post regarding this matter. Anymore side comments would be deleted.

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    Jul 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Horsepower View Post
    Djerms: AFAIK, there's only one type of D-4D engine, magkakaiba lang sa capacity, 2.5 and 3.0 so yes, it's the same.

    I'd like to thank the threadstarter for composing this thread. I started a thread in another site before asking kung alin mas ok, Fortuner or Alterra because my lady needed to buy a car. Then someone directed me to this thread and i knew then of the problem. So we ended up buying the SantaFe CRDi VGT. So far, we are very happy with it.
    Congrats sir with your new ride!

    OT: FYI, maglalabas na rin ng bagong Ford Everest CRDI this month (same platform with the new Ranger)

    Larshell, tama ka, deadma na lang natin, hehe.

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    Well said Mazda2x...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregg_g View Post
    Well said Mazda2x...
    And why was I given a warning? I have been participating in this thread since August 2005, and been one of the first to purchase a D4D last April 2005.
    I never badmouthed anyone in this thread, in fact on the contrary I was the one ridiculed, criticized, and suspected without basis, of being a fanboy and salesman of Toyota. (please see previous post).

    I am sorry to say but I think this is the height of arrogance for you to censor or even warn me for my statements in this thread. All I ever wanted to point out thru statistics and logical reasoning is this; Firstly,yes there is a D4D problem, but the affected units are so small compared to the number of D4D's out there, not even 3%. Secondly, I want to reassure those who own D4D's that the problem is more of an exception than a rule as this thread would like to make it appear. Thirdly, that this thread should not try to dissuade potential buyers of D4D's simply because inspite of more than a year of discussion, nothing has really happened, not even a formal documentation or complaint to Toyota or to any govt. regulatory agency, in short panay usapan at kwentuhan lang walang concrete action.

    And Lastly, keep this thread democratic! everybody has the right to speak up and be heard, and no one should ever arogate the power to censor or even warn any member for his statements. This is against the essence of a public forum like!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by agreyes7110 View Post
    And why was I given a warning? I have been participating in this thread since August 2005, and been one of the first to purchase a D4D last April 2005.

    A warning has been give to you for posting on what I deem as off topic posts. Yes this is a subjective call but after reviewing all your posts I am surprised why you are just repeatedly posting here in the D4D woes thread on how satisfied you are with your ride. Why don't you just post it in the Innova thread instead?

    Censorship? Let me quote you on your earlier post:

    Quote Originally Posted by agreyes7110
    I agree with your opinion, however the response should be commensurate to the problem. To go to the media and blow this issue out of proportion to the obviously few problematic D4D units is doing a disservice and very unfair to the more than 10,200 D4D engine owners out there who are satisfied with their units. Any unsubstantiated D4D problem in which the cause is still unknown being brought to our irresponsible and reckless media would surely affect the resale value of their D4D units and cause immeasurable damage to Toyota.


    I really think this is just a desperate ploy by the competitors to create a "scare" since they don't have any product to pit against the IMV Toyotas.
    Now... after telling us:

    - not to report this to the media
    - not to dissuade others from buying a D4D equipped vehicle
    - that those posting their D4D problems are from the competitor

    so that the resale value of your precious Innova remains high - you lecture me about censorship?

    If you have any qualms about the the warnings that I have given... please try to read the User Rules & Regulations. Let me highlight this:

    9) You will, if asked by a representative of the Forums, cease posting any content, and/or links to content, deemed offensive, objectionable, or in poor taste by the staff of the Forums.

    - Violation of the above will be subject to appropriate action by the management.
    So there you have it.
    Last edited by mazdamazda; January 5th, 2007 at 02:16 PM. Reason: grammar

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    Dec 2006
    i have been reading the posts of people in this forum and i find it rather uncomfortable to know that some of you here are actually discouraging people of getting a d4d because "it sucks", "it keeps on stalling", "it is prone to hard-starting", "it was introduced to the Philippines in haste", "it does not fit to our road conditions", "it does not respond well to our diesel fuel" etc. Well, these are valid arguments and experiences of some owners. But the fact remains that there are thousands of us who own D4d Innovas/Fortuners and so few of you who are ramming the issue of the d4d as "alarming" as the aforementioned bad experiences of members in this forum indicate. These only make me WONDER if your intentions are purely to help d4d owners or just cause panic among us. I am also amused of how you treat the opinions of people like albert99, agreyes and some members. Baka kasi gawin din yan sa akin ng may-ari nitong thread (moderator/adminstrator). I am not after the resale value of my d4d, but i would like you to know that this forum is making it appear that the "problems of the d4d which are experienced by the members are the rules rather than the exception". I do not care as to how many of us are visiting this site or members of this thread. What I am expecting from you guys here is a concrete action with regards to these problems, not the kind of action you have shown to albert99 and agreyes, and others in this forum. Medyo nagkakaedad na kasi itong forum and the least i expect is a positive program of action by those concerned para patunayan naman nila na tumutulong lang sila and "they are not against the d4d" or "they are not salesmen or drumbeaters of other car companies". Salamat po.

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    Oct 2002

    1. Those posting here are just sharing their experiences or insight with regards to D4D equipped vehicles.

    2. It is still up to the reader of this forum to judge if this problem is the exception or the norm. The fact that the problem still exists says a lot about it.

    3. Concrete action? If you have been reading carefully - there are constant updates on what Toyota did to the affected D4D vehicles. There were those who had their entire fuel system replaced and some just need a 15 min reprogramming. Heck, in another thread I commended Toyota for still honoring the warranty of these vehicles even if the repair bill reached P100K.

    4. Keeping this thread open is the least help that we can do for those affected with the D4D problem or to those who are thinking of purchasing a D4D equipped vehicle (like myself, I have already made a reservation for a Fortuner 3.0L D4D but withdrew from buying it).

    Until this was thread was given "color" by some people out there - a good technical discussion was on going to determine the source of the problem. So far it seems that the low lubricity of our local diesel fuel is the cause of these problems so far.

    My apologies to the threadstarter for another colorful exchange of words. This will be my last comment regarding this issue. I'll be deleting all other off-topic posts afterwards.
    Last edited by mazdamazda; January 5th, 2007 at 03:01 PM.

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    Oct 2002
    Thanks Mazdamazda for keeping this thread clean.

    DO you know of any shop who can do the reprogramming of our D4d? Its taking too long at toyota and being a company vehicle, its always needed here in our office. Minsan nga tinataguan ko nalang boss ko para hindi niya mamention eh. Hehe. Anyway, I still hope that this is also a case of reprogramming and no major part replacement.


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