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    Mar 2004

    Its not you, its albert who seems to be over sensitive about the things discussed in this thread. Instead of being objective, he is the one who started throwing invectives at other co-tsikoteers. Just as slamtaz and nicky said, albert go make another thread, if you can’t stand the heat….

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by agreyes7110 View Post
    Whoa, take it easy guys, mga puso niyo!
    I rest my case, see the venom you get for not agreeing to these
    people, I bet none of them owns a D4D, he,he.
    Just cite a simple statistic of Inova sales which is available to everyone, and they go ballistic and get very personal!
    Don't worry, it isn't you...

    Actually, I agree with the statistical side of the argument, as these cases do seem rare (none of my acquaintances or family has this problem, yet)... but the whole point is, they're there.

    Pointing out the statistics is fine. But name calling and "pooh-poohing" the actual problem (like some others are doing) isn't.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    May 2004
    maybe a little search will do. eto magandang thread.
    para di OT sa "woes".

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    Oct 2002
    Well for him theres losers in this forum

    but there an As s hole here thats one thing for sure

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    Oct 2002
    easy on the name calling guys. nawawala na tuloy tayo sa topic. since we're into statistics, ilan kaya ang users ng tsikot para sabihin insignificant ang complaints dito. probably insignificant nga, and how many people do you know that doesn't have access to the internet or doesn't have the faintest idea that this site exist? what i'm trying to point out is the problem is there, we'll probably don't know how many people have this problem (those who we don't know and have no access sa internet) . if i spent almost a million bucks on a lemon and the dealer or car manufacturer doesn't do anything about it i would call myself a loser too. di biro maglabas ng ganyan money or maghulog buwan buwan. enough of that and please no name calling please. 8 days nalang pasko na, tis the season to be jolly.

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    Dec 2006
    Hi you all. Been following the forum for months now and really got lots of interesting info that are really useful. Been interested in the Innova but thanks to this forum , I'm in the wait and see mode situation now. Anyway just to say hello and thanks for a rather informative forum. Peace

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    Oct 2002
    No disrespect to Mr. Isla But Can we reallly expect an unbiased opinion from him? He works for Toyota right?

    (Met him and talk to him about cars during my banking days, good guy knows a lot about cars)

    Anyway this thread is getting pretty hot heheehehehe more more!!!!

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by albert99 View Post
    i am glad to know that from around 22,000 innova units sold by TMP, 90% were d4ds. i suspect that those who post their woes on this thread represent only a minority (or a measly 1-5%) of those who actually drive today their d4ds without problems (so far...) maybe i consider myself fortunate along with those others who drive theirs worry-free. some of those who regularly subscribe to this thread even called me an agent or salesman of TMP. hehehe. they are dead-wrong. i am just a happy owner of the same car they purportedly drive everyday of their lives. in fact, if they suspect me of a paid mole, agent or *###$%, i do not care. what i suspect, is, these people who keep on posting their woes are a bunch of losers! these people maybe have crab-mentality, that they would want to hear from us not the good side of the d4ds but the defects of their units. pag di ka naman nag-subscribe sa kanila, they will look up to you as "from the other side of the dence". again, i do not care. WINNERS!!!!!!

    Hindi mo ba naisip na there is still a probabilty na baka after a few days from now na baka masira or maranasan mo din yong problema ng D4d. Kung meron ka nga na D4d. Sa tingin ko natatakot ka mangyari sayo ito dahil wala ka ng pambili ng kotse. Sino loser? Ako kung 1m lang na sasakyan ang masasayang hindi ko pa kayang tawagin ang sarili ko na loser or kahit na sino pang tao. Hindi ako mayaman pero baka naman kitain ko payan hagat buhay pako.
    Maligayang Pasko sayo pre.

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    Mar 2005
    kung tutoo hot sell ang innova w/ 22,000 units and counting & 90% are D4D's, bakit ang laki ng discount 40k? toyota pa hehehe

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    Nov 2005
    *AGReyes and Albert99: I just want to know exactly how does the problem that other members here have with their D4D engined vehicle affect you two? I was under the impression that this thread was started to find out if other owners had the same problem and find a solution, if you folks have no problems with your vehicle then be happy and try to empathize with the others that do have problems. As far I know the only ones that would be affected by the D4D problem in a negative manner other than the immediate owners with problems is Toyota themselves. Owners with no problems should have nothing to worry about and just enjoy their vehicle. Both of you say that you are not representatives of Toyota most of your post sound like sales talk that one would get at the dealership. Albert99 even goes as far as to say that the problems are minute and insignificant but to those who have encountered the problem these are neither minute nor insignificant.

    Why does it matter what others think of your vehicle? It's a mode of transport and that's all it is in the whole scheme of things. If you bought it as an investment and are worried about resale value then you need to learn how to invest, because nobody in their right mind buys a mass produced vehicle as an investment unless it's a classic like a gullwing Mercedes.

    You state that you are both just happy customers of Toyota, so I hope you are compensated well for defending a multinational company that probably doesn't know you exist other than a sales statistic.
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Toyota D4D engine woes