Toyota Cars Philippines Prices

Model Variant Price

AVANZA 1.3 J M/T Php592,000.00
AVANZA 1.5 G A/T Php813,000.00
AVANZA 1.5 G M/T Php778,000.00
CAMRY 2.4 G A/T Php1,431,000.00
CAMRY 2.4 G A/T (White Pearl) Php1,446,000.00
CAMRY 2.4 V A/T Php1,646,000.00
CAMRY 2.4 V A/T (White Pearl) Php1,661,000.00
CAMRY 3.5 Q V6 A/T Php1,990,000.00
CAMRY 3.5 Q V6 A/T (White Pearl) Php2,005,000.00
COROLLA ALTIS 1.6 E M/T Php774,000.00
COROLLA ALTIS 1.6 G A/T Php854,000.00
COROLLA ALTIS 1.6 G M/T Php818,000.00
COROLLA ALTIS 1.6 V A/T Php910,000.00
COROLLA ALTIS 1.8 V A/T Php1,035,000.00
FORTUNER 4x2 G 2.5 Dsl A/T Php1,418,000.00
FORTUNER 4x2 G 2.7 Gas A/T Php1,353,000.00
FORTUNER 4x4 V 3.0 Dsl A/T Php1,668,000.00
HIACE Commuter 2.5 M/T Php1,160,000.00
HIACE GL Grandia 2.5 M/T 2-tone Php1,420,000.00
HIACE GL Grandia 2.5 M/T Monotone Php1,405,000.00
HIACE Super Grandia 2.5 A/T 2-tone Php1,790,000.00
HIACE Super Grandia 2.5 A/T Monotone Php1,775,000.00
HILUX 4x2 E 2.5 Dsl M/T Php993,000.00
HILUX 4x2 G 2.7 Gas A/T Php1,087,000.00
HILUX 4x2 J 2.5 Dsl M/T Php790,000.00
HILUX 4x4 G 3.0 Dsl A/T Php1,415,000.00
HILUX 4x4 G 3.0 Dsl M/T Php1,359,000.00
INNOVA 2.0 E Gas A/T Php927,000.00
INNOVA 2.0 E Gas M/T Php862,000.00
INNOVA 2.0 G Gas A/T Php1,013,000.00
INNOVA 2.0 G Gas M/T Php958,000.00
INNOVA 2.0 J Gas M/T Php763,000.00
INNOVA 2.0 V Gas A/T Php1,083,000.00
INNOVA 2.5 E Dsl A/T Php987,000.00
INNOVA 2.5 E Dsl M/T Php922,000.00
INNOVA 2.5 G Dsl A/T Php1,084,000.00
INNOVA 2.5 G Dsl M/T Php1,019,000.00
INNOVA 2.5 J Dsl M/T Php818,000.00
INNOVA 2.5 V Dsl A/T Php1,149,000.00
Land Cruiser '07 LC200 4.5 Dsl A/T (leather) Php4,065,000.00
Land Cruiser Prado 3.0 A/T Php2,883,000.00
Land Cruiser Prado 3.0 M/T Php2,783,000.00
PREVIA 2.4 Gas A/T Php2,027,000.00
PREVIA 2.4 Gas A/T (White Pearl) Php2,042,000.00
PREVIA 2.4 Q Gas A/T Php2,262,000.00
PREVIA 2.4 Q Gas A/T (White Pearl) Php2,277,000.00
RAV4 2.4 Gas A/T Php1,425,000.00
RAV4 4x2 2.4 Gas A/T (White Pearl) Php1,440,000.00
RAV4 4x4 2.4 Gas A/T Php1,785,000.00
RAV4 4x4 2.4 Gas A/T (White Pearl) Php1,800,000.00
VIOS 1.3 E M/T Php649,000.00
VIOS 1.3 J M/T Php575,000.00
VIOS 1.5 G A/T Php765,000.00
VIOS 1.5 G A/T (w/ Leather) Php811,000.00
VIOS 1.5 G M/T Php730,000.00
Yaris 1.5 Automatic Php748,000.00
Yaris 1.5 Manual Php713,000.00

Details of prices provided here are subject to local conditions and requirements and may, therefore, vary from models available in your area. Please enquire at your local dealer for details on your local prices.

updated as of March 2, 2008