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    i have this thing, put together by screws.
    four holes. four screws. four different ones. because i previously lost three of them.
    but it does the job, naman.
    heh heh.

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    Mar 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by konichiwa888 View Post
    Hello... recently, I went to a car aircon cleaning service. To be able to complete the cleaning process, they have to pull off the whole dashboard. When they are finished cleaning, they were able to successfully put everything back but except for one screw in the odometer, they told me there was no screw before when they open it. I don't wanna argue with them because I also don't have any evidence if they misplaced, lost the screw or it was not really there.

    My question is, where I can buy a screw/binder replacement(whatever it is called) of my car's odometer? When I am driving my car, there is an irritating noise near the odometer since it was not clipped.

    My car is a Toyota Altis 1.6G 2003 year model. Any help will be very much appreciated.
    toyota tries to simplify its manufacturing stocks, by using and re-using the same piece, for as many uses as possible.
    your particular screw, is probably the exactsame screw used in other areas of the car.
    as such, it is probably easier than you think, to find a replacement.
    if you can bring a sample of what you want, even the non-toyota parts counter might be able to give you a replacement.
    good luck.

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