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    Oct 2002
    try mo remove yun injectors then start mo. let the fuel flow out. then reinstall. minsan priming the pump is not enough to remove the air in the system.

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    Jun 2004
    I asked our electrician to check the error codes. We found out that this Prado has the old OBD1 diagnostics. The error codes register as voltage swings of a voltmeter connected to the diagnostic port, not flashes of the check engine light.

    But error code 4 ang lumabas - water temp sensor daw according to the table (from the aussie website). Weird. The table of codes is also weird because there is no No. 3 error code.

    Afrasay - Wala talagang fuel na lumalabas from the injection pump. We removed one of the fuel pipes to the No. 1 injector and walang fuel na lumalabas.

    There is no electricity going to the injection pump solenoid inspite of all the fuses being ok. As of last night the electrician was still chasing the problem. We switched computer boxes (we have two Prado's) and the vehicle still won't run. But the computer box works on the other Prado so it is definitely not the computer box.

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    yung main fuse box na check mo na? Yung under the hood? I would be thinking pag naka ON na yung engine prior to cranking that a battery volatage will be applied to the solenoid to open the fuel line. How did you get the error code? you shorted da service line and the check engine started flashing?

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    Jun 2004
    The vehicle is already running! We re-wired the injection pump solenoid and the throttle plate sensor to by-pass the computer. Talagang can't find the real culprit and short-cut na lang ito. Pero andar na siya.

    At first masyadong mausok pero nawala ang usok after a few kilometers. But there is a problem again. We think the turbo does not cut in. Hanggang 70kph lang ang vehicle - sagad na.

    We also suspect that the injection pump was re-adjusted (sinakal) by the calibration shop when we complained of smokey exhaust. We'll bring it back to the calibration shop for a re-adjustment. We are hoping that the turbo is not connected to any of the sensors we rewired.

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    Jun 2004

    All the fuse boxes were checked, under the hood, in the kick panels, ok lahat.

    The error codes register as voltage swings. You have to connect a voltmeter to the diagnostic ports and observe and count the voltage swings (+5volts). The check engine lamp does not flash - it only lights up continuously.

    The wire to the injection pump solenoid does not register any voltage even with the ignition keys on. That is why the solenoid does not open the fuel line. we also checked all the relays and ok naman. Really hard to diagnose which is why we finally decided on the short-cut. malapit nang sumuko ang electrician.

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    Feb 2004
    pare, anong shop ka nagpa-calibrate? gen santos ba?


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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by calcite View Post
    Yes, the starter works but the engine won't fire-up. Tinulak na rin and no effect. There is a small wire connected to the injection pump. When our mechanic connects this directly to the battery, the engine will run but no power and lots of smoke. We think it has something to do with the electronics. But as I said, we replaced the computer box and it still won't run.

    We think solved na ang overheating problem when we replaced the head with the 3L head with the extra 6-holes for the cooling water. The vehicle ran fine when we replaced the head. Except for this new problem.

    I Am really interested in your comments.

    check the main relay.. walang contact ung relay nya kaya di umiilaw ung check engine.. ung main relay nakalagay sa gilid ng fuel pump.. 2 un replace it..
    sana maka2long

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