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    Oct 2002
    we have same prob. before,we ended up buying the 2nd hand gen 3,we just change the shocks bec. its weak already,yun lang pinalitan namin,sarap ng ride talaga,ang lakas humatak ng 4m41,tiptronic pa.

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    Oct 2006
    nikko m-How much were you able to get your 2nd hand gen3 ?

    Mukhang I have no luck so far in the 2nd hand market. I txted the person advertising a GenIII pajero for 1.5M pero mukhang mahirap siyang kausap. Won't allow a test drive. Also asked if we can meet in some common location pero ayaw at pinapupunta ako sa isang lugar na medyo unfamiliar to me. I
    decided not to pursue it. Too risky for me. It's not worth it.

    The guy naman who was selling a 2002 Patrol TDI auto for P950K responded back that they were still fixing the paperwork of the car and will get back to me when all is in order. Mukhang honest naman yung guy so I'll still consider checking it out. Thou it makes me wonder why in the first place the paperwork needs some fixing?

    I did go to a respectable dealer thou (Alabang Car Exchange) and saw a 2002 GenIII Pajero. It was a 4x4 Gas V6 Dubai version all leather w/ sunroof. Wala yung owner pero the guy watching it allowed me to checkout the car and even start the vehicle. It was in excellent condition both inside the cabin and under the hood. Mileage was only 18000km (hopefully hindi tampered yung meter). The tires are in excellent condition (parang brand new pa) too so I think the unit was really seldom used. The quoted price was 1.75M but pwede pa tawaran hangang 1.64M daw. No doubt the GenIII Pajero is a well built vehicle - maganda talaga. Still this is too much for me for a pre-owned.

    So until a really good and clean deal appears on the 2nd hand market- buying a brand new Fortuner VVTi still looks like the best option for me. Now I'm just waiting for the right timing (ie best dealer options, promo). I also am watching out for potentially new 7seater SUV models coming out in the market in Q4'06. If you know some news here I would appreciate the info. I will feel bad if a new lower cost and better looking/performing model gets introduced right after I make a purchase.

    To all Tsikoters - I really appreciate all the feedback I'm recieving in this thread and the healthy exchange of ideas. It will all help me make the right decision at the end.

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    Apr 2006
    Mitsubishi Gen3 Pajero Diesel...then Sorento.....

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    Oct 2006
    Decided to go brand new.

    My new spec-up Fortuner VVTi - Extreme Black was delivered yesterday. Am absolutely happy with my new baby. Sarap nang amuy bago ang sasakyan....

    Many thanks to all who contributed to this thread.

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    Oct 2006

    Congratulations on your new ride sir! Another addition for the Fortuner owner community. You may also check-out Fortuner Club Philippines at for more information about your Fortuner and also share new ideas between Fort owners there..


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