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    Jul 2013
    A Corolla Cross Hybrid and an Innova G were in our office parking lot this morning and it started a conversation sa office.

    Innova G *₱ 1,592,000
    Corolla Cross HV *₱ 1,650,000

    Yes, the Innova will seat more passengers, pero if 3-4 lang kayo sa family and 90% of the time, solo ka lang sa car.

    And you only plan to keep the car for 10 years.

    Do you think its time for us (Pinoys) to consider a hybrid?

    *I searched online and asked family/friends abroad. Ok naman reviews ng Prius after the 10th year.

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    Jun 2013
    Magkano gastos pag magpapalit ng battery ng hybrid?

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    Dec 2019
    Innova for me..

    Turbo Diesel power, more cargo space and passenger capacity. Although it's cargo capacity might come handful when you need to carry a bigger loads.

    At least for this age because the replacement part for the hybrid's battery might come at a higher cost than a regular gas/diesel powered vehicle..

    It's only been few when I saw on the Corolla Altis Hybrid on the road. Most of the Altises the current gen ones I see was a plain old gasoline models.

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    Jul 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by hardwang View Post
    Magkano gastos pag magpapalit ng battery ng hybrid?
    according to Toyota PH's website

    The battery is designed to last the life of the car. The car has normal 3 year warranty while the battery has 5 year warranty, though again, is designed to last well beyond the warranty.
    so if you buy both cars brand new, and plan to only keep it for (max) 10 years...

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    Nov 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by hardwang View Post
    Magkano gastos pag magpapalit ng battery ng hybrid?
    A US aftermarket replacement linked in a video i saw quoted ~P90K converted for a reman battery or ~P70k for a rebuild kit after the core charge is refunded although you'll have to find someone to do the install or do it yourself. Casa rates here will probably be higher.

    I Bought the Most Hated Car on the Internet (and made $1000) - YouTube

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    Mar 2014
    In case of sudden floods na alanganin, mas may chance na mag endure or mag survive ang diesel vs. gas/hybrid. Now hindi naman basta basta mangyayari yun pero knowing na merong possible condition na ganun rito sa bansa natin, i would rather have that resilient trait of diesels and not need it instead of the other way around, na have none dahil sa vast electronics ng gas/hybrid setup and then need it.

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    Jul 2013
    naisip ko lang. tanggalin natin yung factors na wala tayong control
    • mas malaki yung Innova and 7 seater.
    • mas pogi yung Corolla Cross
    • may baha sa Metro Manila

    mas matipid sa fuel ang diesel.

    pero since madalas naman tayong nag-iisa sa car. and madalas din na Metro Manila driving.

    ngayon pandemic, kung kakain ka sa loob ng car mo, di gagamit ng fuel yung hybrid.

    after the pandemic naman, di gagamit ng fuel yung hybrid habang paikot ikot ka sa parking.

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    Mar 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by hardwang View Post
    Magkano gastos pag magpapalit ng battery ng hybrid?
    if toyota warranties its batteries for 10 years of 150,000 km...
    zero for the first 10 years or 150,000 km.

    but as my daily route includes watershed areas in the metro...
    innova diesel pa rin siguro.
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    Jan 2012
    It depends on one's use and routes

    I would get the Corolla Cross, its more stylish and having a hybrid is nice. Im sure it is more quiet and has a better ride.

    But an Innova is the more practical choice

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    Jan 2006
    This is where the Geely Okavango makes sense. I have been seeing more of this in the road compared to the Corolla Cross. It offers MPV space with a turbo-petrol and hybrid system. It looks better than an Innova or Corolla Cross. Plus it is more affordable.

    Between the Innova and Corolla Cross, the Innova is more practical. If you want a daily driver Toyota 5-seater with some comfort, then opt for an Altis. For the price of the hybrid Corolla Cross, I would opt instead for the more capable XV or more spacious CRV gas.

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