Friends, I'm seriously considering acquiring one anytime soon. The problem is, the recommendations and comments that I get from my friends and relatives are kinda mixed. I would put the score at 50/50. :duel:

The Good and /The Bad:
Sufficient for City driving and long drives/ Under powered.
2. Comfort:
Perfect/ Too perfect for off-roading
Dated. Interior is A-Class/ Problems with the grill-headlight design.
Easy to maintain. Just bring it to the casa religiously for its regular PMS. Definitely for keeps!/ Pricey. Pajeros are cheaper to maintain. Was recently included in the Toyota global recall. Toyota badge not as prestigious as it was before.
5. Safety:
Sufficient/ Dubai version is a LOT better
6. Pricing:
Fair. It's worth it!/ Too close to the price of an LC200. You might as well buy the LC200

Lifted from
"Though it's always referred to as the Land Cruiser's baby brother, the Prado is still a go-anywhere and very rugged SUV. The softer styling may be a put-off, but the introduction of a CRDi engine is more than welcome. It's still a go-anywhere, do-anything SUV but with better on-road manners. A new 6-speed MT is available for bodyguards, but best head for the AT version

(+)Excellent off-road, now better on-road; nicely speced. (-) Androgynous styling; hefty price."

I would appreciate any comments and/or personal reviews and suggestions from anyone, specially from the owners of the all-new 2010/11 LC Prado and enthusiasts here in Tsikot, No-Holds-Barred! :samurai:

Thank you!