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    Aug 2004
    The hills on the SCTEX will kill any results. If you practice good momentum driving (let speed build up past your target speed when going downhill, then bleed it off on the straights), you can minimize the economy loss, but it'll be more dramatic a loss at low speed than high speed, where you have more momentum to carry up the hills, and you don't have to stress the engine as much.

    The Balintawak - San Fernando route might work... but time it to avoid tollgate traffic so you get a clean reading. Maybe even just do a run between two less-used tollgates in between.

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    Dec 2006
    When I did my last run on SCTEX I also allowed the car to shed speed on uphills and gain them back on downhills. I just tried to keep pedal input as even as possible all throughout. Perhaps if I kept my thermostat lower (it was 12nn and I have no WS tint) and stuck to 80 instead of 100 I could've broken 20 km/L.

    I've been going to and from Pampanga/Subic/Tarlac the past few days and even if I go at different times, the tollgate traffic is always bad. Luckiest I've been was only a 3-car queue which still meant about 5 min of idling. Christmas traffic extends to the expressways, unfortunately. Maybe next year...

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    Sep 2011
    i can't do what you're doing, with the traffic getting worse everyday, the only way to compensate for lost time is to speed up!

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    Dec 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by chito2011 View Post
    i can't do what you're doing, with the traffic getting worse everyday, the only way to compensate for lost time is to speed up!
    I used to think like this. But then I realized I often end up overtaking eager beavers driving at 140 on the expressway even if I'm just casually cruising at 100-120 because these juveniles are too gigil that they don't choose their lane properly and end up braking and accelerating too much.

    In the city, it's no use trying to speed up because you're gonna get caught up in the traffic jam in the next intersection anyway. A more useful skill is to be smart about which lane to choose and to be quick (but not to the point of cutting others) when changing lanes.

    Plus, it's pretty stressful to always be in a hurry. Nothing beats leaving early and giving a bit of allowance. If you can't leave early, driving in a hurry can save you 10 minutes at best for an hour-long trip, which isn't much unless it's a very important affair like a family member getting rushed to the hospital.

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    Aug 2004
    I lost the VW EcoRun a few months ago... (thanks to a pump issue) but I wont the return leg in traffic, partly through smart driving. I didn't even have to turn my engine off at the tollgates and push (the guys who did came in 2.5 km/l behind me)

    Here's the thing... I won it without going slowly in traffic. Basically pulse, glide, coast and watch for every single opening. Predict which lanes are going to be clogged and avoid them. I managed to stay on the tail of the jackrabbits in traffic without ever having to accelerate hard... and at points, when the road was almost at a standstill, I managed to coast along for dozens of meters at a time.


    Like jut703 says... eager beavers and jackrabbits are just wasting gas. Hold back and watch them... in fact... watch everyone getting through traffic. Pick a winner, and copy his strategy. I guarantee you, the "winner" isn't changing lane every two minutes. He'll change lanes once or twice and stick with the fastest lane, even when it stops. He won't be going for the instant overtake, he'll simply wait for a better opening and take that... to avoid being stuck in that line of impatient drivers tailgating each other and getting stuck behind the truck hogging the fast lane.

    Saving gas isn't always driving slow. You can save gas while driving quickly. You just have to be smart about it.

    Also, *jut703:

    Mythbusters: Just 5% from weaving. Of course... that greatly depends on the quality of the weaving. I think they should have tested different "weaving" algorithms, also.

    Suggest you catch the entire episode. It was fantastic, actually.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2009
    Mura naman na gas kaya ok lang ihataw. Hehe.

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    Nov 2014
    mga boss pag umilaw na yung fuel light indicator, mga ilang liters pa kaya yung laman?

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    Dec 2006
    Around 8.

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    Oct 2014
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    Aug 2011
    What is your take on Vios Fiber Glass Body Kits. I am planning to install one sa Vios 1.3 E. I found a good deal in OLX na wrap around with paint for 15K. All stock ako including MAGS and most likely matatagalan bago ako mag upgrade nito. For 15K ano magandang abubot? Nangangati ako e hehehe

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