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    Say hello.. ;)


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    This car is very tempting, especially when you already have the P1.6M in hand. hehehe

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    It is, actually. The controls are well put. It's simple, easy to use yet it seems to be very fun to take around. It doesn't feel wide as it looks, actually the Genesis Coupe feels wider when I tested it. Not sure how much is the difference in terms of width between that and the 86 on paper but definitely the 86 feels much easier to drive.

    The trunk is also useful. You can put your groceries inside without a problem. If it seems lacking, there's the backseat. Of course, who would sit there? I mean it's small. It's not tall-people friendly. It's very uncomfortable and it's hard to get in and out of it.

    Forget the Aero kit, the base model as it is, is already beyond what you'd expect from a Toyota. Maybe just ok for a Subaru, but for a Toyota? It's one heck of a car.

    You might want to ditch the ugly HU though.

    It looks so cheap.

    If I had 1.7M on hand, I'd probably get one right away. Since this one...

    Is impossible to be under 2M anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by renzo_d10 View Post

    The spare looks used or a bit soiled for a new car or even for a display car.

    Doesn't look like the usual steel rims or donut tires. Looks similar to the other four tires on the car.

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    ^ i had the same observation. i was actually wondering if it was possible to have a cover for the spare tire. it's not so pretty to look at your spare everytime you pop the trunk. :p

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    Sarap umupo sa 86, parang ayaw ko nang bumaba. Got the chance to sit inside the White 86 displayed at PIMS. And as a bonus, I got to hear the LFA being revved.

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    Photoshopped but, dafuq...

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