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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mbt
    just an honest question... it seems to me that the major complaints relate to the feature set of the van (which is of course totally understandable as this is after all big money spent). but a short showroom inspection or even a glance at the spec sheet prior to making the final decision should have alerted you to how poor a value the van is for what you pay.

    didn't you look over a showroom unit first before buying?
    I wasn't part of their showroom tour group... They checked all the diesel van dealers in Alabang - Nissan, Hyundai & Toyota. I just told them to consider the Grandia and Starex over the Urvan, since the latter uses old diesel engine technology. When they said they got the Toyota Hi-Ace, I thought they got the Grandia, it was the Commuter pala. My Mom & Dad still paid the P1.1M for the Commuter despite what they saw inside (I just found-out that their mad dash to buy was e-VAT scare related). Kaya lang, I feel that they got shortchanged... This thread is basically my rant... Not theirs... Just look at the pics of the amenities... Ito lang for P1.1M?

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    Oct 2002
    Isn't Toyota starting to follow in the foosteps of Honda? Like starting to offer a minimum of features, and overpricing their vehicles due to demand?

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    Mar 2005
    *Dieseler: OT lang ito... I just noticed your avatar eh... Are you by chance a MechWarrior: DarkAge gamer? I used to be one, eh. I was one of the pioneering gamers when Neutral Grounds launched MWDA in RP, way back 2002. I retired 2003. But, I have a sizable stash of uniques and MWDA figs. I lean towards Draconis Combine (Dragon's Fury), eh.

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    Sep 2005
    What a rip-off!

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    Oct 2002

    i see... sayang, mas attractive option ata yung Urvan Estate. hehe. oh well, andyan na yan, and it's not really a bad vehicle, just make the most of it

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    Aug 2005
    my god! sa labas lang pala maganda yang bagong hi-ace!! mabuti pa yung nabili naming 2004 urvan escapade, for only 900k mas maganda pa yung mga interior nya (with headrest, moquette interior panels and upholstery, alpine ->cassette nga lang, plus all the extra stuff e.g. insurance, back-up sensor, etc.) compared dun sa lawanit panel!!!

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    Dec 2003
    cassette HU! hehe jst kiddin

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    Oct 2002
    may anti-anay kaya yung lawanit??

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    Oct 2002
    and the new hi-ace just looks like a freaking mini coaster... hehehe... won't be caught dead driving one.

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    Nov 2002
    wow! lawanit lang talaga yung likod wala man lang vinyl cover..

    eh kung trip naman ni itay yang ganyang sasakyan bayaan na natin kaligayahan nila yan eh..

    this hi-ace variant targets the shuttle/school service market rather than the family van market..pero mahal nga ahihihihi

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2005 Hi Ace Commuter... Should this really cost P1.1M?