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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by cutedoc View Post
    on praise for bayani's u turn it did lessen the road traffic by a few percentage but PUV must be apply proper decorum on road traffic.
    Doc san po kaya binase ang u-turn? akma ba ito sa driving style ng noypi?Na lessen po ba ang traffic? diba madalas po ang banggaan sa u-turn na madalas na cause ng traffic? Ukol naman po dun sa mga PUV, kaya nga dapat po sa skwelahan pa lamang tinuturuan na,umpisahan sa grade one. Di po ba. Madalas kasi ang mga yan e high school o grade 3 lang ang inabot. Lagi po kasi ako sumasakay ng jeep from philcoa to u.p. kaya medyo iniintindi ko sila.hehehe

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    Sep 2007
    eliminate all the pasaway road users specifically puvs

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    Jul 2006
    Make jeepney drivers' pay salaried instead of commission based, that way they won't have to fight for passengers all the time (and consume 50-75% of the total road space). Same with bus drivers but also, their steering mechanisms must be restricted due to their stubborn swerving (near-misses, cutting thru vehicles off, etc).

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    Jan 2007
    Pitch your solution to Metro traffic and win $1K - Inquirer
    June 3, 2016

    Amid the worsening congestion on Metro Manila roads, this year’s “Hack The CBD: The Pitch Battle for Urban Mobility Solutions” contest is looking for the best and most innovative pitches to solve traffic woes and other urban mobility problems in the metropolis.
    The contest is open to students and professional residing in the country. Interested participants, individuals or teams of two to five members each, must upload a one-minute video on Vimeo of their “Urban Mobility Solution,” ranging from traffic solution, optimizing parking and urban logistics and green vehicles.

    Participants must include business and marketing plans, financial projections, competitive analysis and metrics in their entries. Additional points will be given to those who can provide pitches that can be used in the country’s primary business districts, namely the Makati central business district (CBD) and Bonifacio Global City.

    Entries for the preliminary round must be submitted on or before 5 p.m. of June 6, 2016.
    The entries, which may be implemented with the investors, will be judged according to technical and financial viability, novelty, and sustainability.
    For full details of the contest visit Hack the CBD by Inquirer Mobile

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    Oct 2014
    I dont mind having a 2-Day coding, though harsh it will reduced traffic volume by 40% on all private vehicles say for 3 years until efficient train system and infrastructure are completed. Peace, just me.

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    Mar 2008
    ibalik ang lansangan sa motorista!
    ibalik ang sidewalk sa pedestrian!
    hatakin ang mga illegally parked vehicles and "accessories".
    i-kalaboso ang mga bossing ng road works na naka-tengga lang!

    before we make new laws that will be enforced ningas cogon style anyway, let us first consistently enforce already existing ones!

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    Feb 2009
    One way of reducing traffic is revocating the driver's license of those who violated the same offense three times within the year, example is driving while under the influence.
    This will not only correct those recidivists but also reduce the number of drivers o the road

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    Feb 2006
    Metro Manila is the only city I've been to where there are 2 bus lanes. 😂

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    Jan 2014
    For me, the best solution to improve traffic in MM is to improve and make efficient our rail and bus transport systems.

    Pag naging comportable na ang mga tao sa pag commute magdadalawang isip na ang mga yan magdala ng sasakyan.

    I tow na rin lahat ng mga oto na nakapark sa highways, ung two lane nagiging isang lane nalang so pag parehas may dadaan sa magkabilang side mag wait muna ung isa.

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Flagg View Post
    Metro Manila is the only city I've been to where there are 2 bus lanes. ��
    Welcome back bro Flagg.

    During this time, double the prices of diesel and petrol fuels.... Extra revenue goes to the government for infrastructure project

    My American boss asked that question while we were crawling in traffic along slex.. and I gave him the same answer...

    He was dumbfounded... ��

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