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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by CVT View Post

    Agree here bro, pero ayusin ko lang based on my personal opinion and assessment of the Philippine situation.

    1. Impartial, Proper and Consistent Enforcement
    2. Discipline
    3. Social Courtesy

    My view here is that if our existing traffic rules and regulations are impartially, properly and consistently enforced, such actions will instill discipline amongst our motorists. These in turn will spin off to an environment of social courtesy... Fear is primal, so enforcement is the key. The rest will follow after it.


    I totally agree.


    Tsikot Autofest

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    Oct 2002
    may mga di papayag pero dapat lang po siguro...

    open to traffic the main roads of corinthian gardens-white plains just like valle verde (lanuza ave) and greenhills (wilson, connecticutt, & etc.) . relocate camp aguinaldo & camp crame.

    pero ang number #1 talaga ay discipline among drivers, commuters & pedestrians.

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    Oct 2002
    t Just get self-centered idiots off the road... Oh wait, that'll cut out over 70% of Phil license holders....

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    Jan 2008

    walang disiplina sa maraming driver (public or private) kasi hindi nahuhuli or hindi hinululi. kung mahuli man, red tape ang katapat.

    kung araw-araw nahuhuli ang isang walang disiplinang driver, sigurado ako titino yun.

    ma-implement lang ito, everything else will follow (discipline & courtesy)

    sana mayroon tayong cctv sa buong metro. sa london, it actually funds itself... with profit pa. wala pang red tape.

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    Feb 2008
    1. Sa eskwelahan pa lamang dapat ituro na ang mga traffic rules at tamang pag-uugali sa kalsada.Kapag corrupted na utak mo bata ka pa lang,yare tyo jan.Habang maaga ituwid na.Mula grade 1 to 4th yr hs sana.

    2. Gumawa ng bagong mga traffic scheme na aakma sa pag-uugali ng mga pinoy.(Example. Yung U-turn, imbest na isa isa lang, eh sisingitan at maiipit ang nauna, ugali na ng MARAMI yun)isipan sana ng bago na akma sa ugaling pinoy.

    3. Ikaw na may alam at marunong eh wag na dumagdag pa sa problema.Matutong magbigay at umintindi.

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    Nov 2002
    on praise for bayani's u turn it did lessen the road traffic by a few percentage but PUV must be apply proper decorum on road traffic.

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    Jun 2006
    reclaim the roads lost to squatters, illegal sidewalk structures, basketball courts etc.

    add new roads/bypasses

    specific examples :

    QC : the Araneta Avenue - E.Rod intersection can be decongested by opening a road through QI so those coming from E.Rod going to Santa Mesa need not go through the intersection.

    Santa Mesa :
    if you're coming from V.Mapa and you want to take the new bridge to Quirino Avenue you need to go around the motel row ... the government should exercise its state power and purchase the land where one of the motel sits on to create a short cut.

    at bakit sinasarado ang bagong overpass na yan after 9 or 10 pm ??? because of security threats to the Pandacan Oil Depot ... the relocation of the Oil Depot is way overdue.

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    Jan 2007
    1. Better road design.

    The layout of our roads contibute to traffic chaos. Imagine the traffic as a fluid. The more turbulent (chaotic) the flow, the slower the traffic speed.

    Example 1: There are several areas in EDSA where the left lane is forced to merge into the next lane to its right. The leftmost lane just disappears. Why? Beacuse the lanes are marked that way. Bad road design. Result - chaos. Solution - The left lane is supposed to be the fast lane. It should be laid out in such a way that vehicles travelling on it are not forced to swerve into the adjacent lane.

    Example 2: Again at EDSA, the number of lanes varies. Flyovers have 3 lanes but the number of lanes leading into the flyover is always greater. Result - bottleneck. Solution - Maintain 3 lanes at EDSA by having a dividing island separating the 3 lanes from the service road. Once upon a time, EDSA had those islands but the authorities removed them.

    2. Implement a better public utility vehicle system.

    Is there such a thing? Yes there is and it's called the bus convoy. Here's how it works:

    Public ultility buses move in groups. They act as if they are connected to each other - like a train, but more flexible. They arrive at bus stops as a group and they leave as a group. Result - No chaos at bus stops and the buses take up only one lane. And by keeping the bus lane as a buses only lane, the buses will not be held back by passenger car traffic and can be scheduled. Everybody wins - Passenger car lanes will flow smoothly because buses won't be stopping there. Bus passengers get to their destinations faster. Bus companies will have more profits because buses won't be stuck in traffic. Bus drivers will not be stressed.

    But can the bus convoy work in Manila? Come on guys, it isn't rocket science.

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    Oct 2002
    People are so gadamn lazy in Manila that they won't even walk for 50mtrs, that's why auxillary transportation such as tricycles and pedicabs are around. Heck, how many times have you seen people ride a jeep and get off in less than 100mtrs.

    There's really no point blaming the system and enforcement when its the people who are driving and consuming public transport that doesn't have the discipline to SACRIFICE a little for the good of all.

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    Nov 2007
    Here's my suggestion....strictly enfore the anti smoke beltching law...if this is enforced 100% without considerations to anybody....I think traffic will be reduced by more than 50% (coz most PUV'S will surely fail in the test and then make those dilapidated ones into scrap metals)...malupit pero I think this will ease the majority of the motorists than the interest of the few operators.

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