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    ASW choppers


    In the Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) role, the AW159 can be configured to carry Active Dripping Sonar (ADS), sonobuoys, and torpedoes, while for the anti-surface warfare role it can be armed with anti-ship missiles, rockets, and guns. Something our Navy would really love and the enemy sub or ship would really hate.

    The Philippine Navy will receive two brand-new AgustaWestland AW-159 “Wildcat” anti-submarine helicopters, under the specifications of the contract AgustaWestland should deliver the aircraft within 730 days or two years and seventeen days from the time of the awarding. The first ASW helicopter will be delivered in 2018 while the second AW159 helicopter will be delivered in early 2019.

    The PHP 5.4 billion (US $114 million) acquisition project of two anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters, is sourced from the Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Trust Act Fund. A team of Naval Aviators and aircraft mechanics/specialist were sent to the UK for training starting the early months of 2017.

    Once in Philippine Navy service, the AW-159s will be under the Wings of our Naval Air Group and are expected to be deployed on the two frigates on order from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).

    They are now in the final stages of being built, And should start flight test not before too long in Leonardo's Helicopter Division, with its UK home in Yeovil,

    These two AW-159 will be the most sophisticated and most expensive rotary aircraft in the AFPs inventory. They're far more expensive than our FA-50s.

    Posted by Pinoy Aviators

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    i think choppers and other slower-than-jets aircraft, are better suited for our needs.

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Air Force to buy fighter jets by 2011