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    Oct 2002
    Actually if you compare this car to any of the brandnew 1300cc category malakas sya sa gas. Manual says (For EU nga lang) it will do 8 to 10km per ltr. (Mas lesser km daw pag M/T)
    And right now at 2000km on the odo, thats what am getting. Kinda dissapointing but
    For some reason am loving this car. hehehehehe

    Speed is good enough (Well it depends) 80km to 100km in between at superhiway.
    But more than a 100km is not as good.

    Torque, No serious off roading yet, but power is enough for parking lots ehehehehe

    At P720,000 better think twice

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    Aug 2005
    sana naman nde matakaw sa gas yung jimny... based sa ibang reviews matipd daw pro sa mga poster dito sabi malakas sa gas.... hmmmm... we planning to buy this weekend a 2002 Jimny in exchange of Honda Accord plus cash.

    Cguro titipid yan pag nilagyan ko ng Khaos hehehe!

    draw back lang talga sa jimny yung Tagtag at Bagal hehehe sanay kami ng partner ko na gumamit na 2.0Lit na sasakyan (626, Accord) ang pinaka mabagal na gamit namin yung Cielo ko na 1.5, pro pag nag t-trip ako pumapalo pa ng 160kph hehehe sa north...

    Best buy kaya itong Jimny?

    For sure durability nito malupet? any feedbacks kung mag mga nag loloko na jimny sa inyo? may nag palit na ba suspension at top overhaul ng engine?

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    Nov 2003
    Where may I buy mud guards for the 2005 Jimny? Any place that sells original mud guards? Or must I content myself with aftermarket generics?

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    Sep 2003
    i've had a jimny for about 3 years now (2002 model). fuel consumption is 10km/l on a manual tranny. it is consistent and would drop down to 9.5 on very heavy traffic. as fas as durability is concerned, its one of the toughest cars out there. i take it off-road at least once a month and usually drive it like a rally car on flat dirt roads. the suspension has taken a lot of beating but still rides like its brand new. supposedly there's a new jimny that's supposed to come out by the end of the month. same body but new engine mated to a different tranny.

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