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    Aug 2004
    1) do u think suzuki will be launching a 2004 (or 2005) jimny version? kelan kaya un?

    -- i wouldn't know but unlikely. the jimny wesee now was launched as early as 98/99, the one we have now is the jimny wide, (yung nauna walang fender flares) Japan has the ones with turbo intercooler, something really nice...

    2) regarding sa ride.. anu solution sa bumpy ride with jimny? if papalit ako ng suspensions kits.. mga magkano budget nun?

    -- in installed old man emu suspensions and it eased the ride. Tyre pressure can help too. There is also rancho, procomp and jdm suspensions for the jimny ranging from mga 30-40+k

    3) do you think d ako magsisisi sa 4x4 choice ko? (i'll jsut use it naman for city driving within dagupan city which is bahain and nearby towns and ciempre off raoding.. and visit my gf sa baguio weekly hehehe.. which is 80km away sa haus namin)

    -- i have driven my jimny from manila-vigan-laoag-pagudpud-aparri-tuguegarao-manila and manila-baguio-sagaa-banawe-manila and i have no regrets....great vehicle. sisiw ang basic floods (kung stock)

    4) sa size ng jimny do u think magiging comfortable ang tulad ko 5'7 in height, 210lbs.. goshhhhh ang laki ko pla..

    -- kakasya ka dyan, the roof is high if you notice, seats are narrow though and you'll find your left elbow scraping against the door.

    5) gagamitin din sa business.. just carrying small boxes lang naman..

    -- with its full flat feature for the rear seats also, as long as you only have one passenger with you sa driver's seat, ok yan. or add a roofrack for more luggage space. Best to get a net though for the rear door to prevent items from rolling out. Also, if you can install a light in that areaas the front cabin light is very weak, will not illuminate the rear. The plastics behind though are prone to scratches.

    6) driving ilocos manila.. do you think safe cya maski my makasalubong ako ng mga big bus running at 140km/h (lalo na partas!)

    -- if a huge bus goes past you fast the vehicle will feel the rush. Even in SLEX ramdam due to the size and shape of thejimny. Strongwinds will also rattle thejimny especially if you drive it fast.

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    Mar 2005
    I'm thinking of getting a second hand 2002 suzuki jimney but don't know if it's easy to maintain and if the parts are easy to find. HELP!

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    Oct 2002
    meron na po kaming previous discussion about sa suzuki jimny...

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    Oct 2002
    I think is ok so long as you're not looking at it as a people carrier. Daily drive from house to office is fine. Tipid ka pa sa gas and easy to get parking.

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    Mar 2005
    thanks! how much does a 2002 jimney go for? what questions should i ask the owner?

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    Oct 2002
    its a practical car..can even go light trailing where other cute-utes cant. thrifty gas drinker, small, nimble, easy to park. only con is it can only fit 4 max. pag nagmall ka tapos 4 kayo, expect to kandong all your shopping bags...

    mind you that our jimny is already 2 plus years old...and still rides like new..engine is very lively and suspension is solid..mind you again that my sis, who uses it, drives like marcus gronholm..haha kumbaga, rally driver.

    same experience din yung review sa C!..Two years and still going strong
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    Oct 2003
    Hey twink,

    it is reliable. We can look at it monday. haha its worth it I tell you! Basta haha

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    Aug 2005
    for sale ba jimny nyo? im very intrested... willing to trade my Honda Accord 1996 plus cash.

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    Aug 2005
    im looking for suzuki jimny -contact me thru 9225364539 thanks!

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    Feb 2005
    Its very practical, my neighbor sa Pinas has one. Lalo na ngayon ang mahal na ng gas.

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