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    Oct 2006
    Hi everyone,
    I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Thought any of you need this car pics. They're member of APV club in my country.

    The guy with license plate 'BIG APV' uses 20" chrome wheels set, with spinner too, and Honda Jazz/Fit's side mirror. Plus he also modded the windows for the passenger doors. Looks like Japanese minivan... The one that uses polished aluminium wheel is 18" wheels set. All have lowered the suspension.

    Sorry if this is not the right forum to post, please suggest me the right one in Tsikot. This is my 1st post in here :-)

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    Aug 2004
    Don't really like spinners, but the body kit is great!

    He should've put a chrome grille in, the black mesh grille doesn't balance well with the rest of the car.

    Hell! How'd he do the window mod? That one made me do a double take!

    Oh, love the mags on the other one... the lip clearance is insanely tight!

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Sep 2006
    Welcome to Tsikot (slang of the word "kotse", meaning car)!

    They really look like Japanese minivans (Nissan Cube?).


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    Nov 2005
    Have to agree with Niky on the spinners, bet it would look great with black rims with a polished lip to extend the all black theme. I like the rims on the other one though it looks like an AMG rim. Both are nice rides none the less. What does the inside look like? Is that a side exit exhaust on the one with the spinners?
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    Feb 2006
    nice ride! hinde bagay yung spinner. tama yung isang set og mags parang galing sa AMG. ganda nang body kits nya ha, simple lang siya.

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    Oct 2006
    Yes, they're nearly road scraper :-p

    There's also another guy with Japan made alloy wheel, Estatus 18". All of them are customized their bodykit. (B/W photo)
    The other is Toyota Alphard, the Japanese minivan (though still called "mini" it's actually bigger than Innova!). Just to give a van comparison to APV when modded :-)

    BTW, Suzuki Indonesia offered us the unit exactly like this (in X or GX variant):
    X variant has 195/65R15 Bridgestone Turanza ER60 tires set, with 15" alloy wheels, cream/brown coloured interior. No side sign lamp on the fender in all Indonesian Domestic Market version. This feature is only available for export, the ones that you have in Phil.

    There's L (or GL) variant, which has the same 185/80R14 with 14" alloy wheels set as you have in Phil. but no tilt-steering feature & has grey interior.
    And the most 'affordable' is A or GA variant, which has no aircon & audio system, 14" stamped steel wheels, and other no-this-&-that in features (very basic). See white APV in attached photo. This photo is Australian version actually, no side sign lamp in here.

    There's also the very-rare X-variant SGA (Suzuki Genuine Accessory) Limited Edition model. Check the silver one. This one is only offered in year 2004 - exactly like that, fresh mod from SUZUKI baking oven (factory) - heheh, by the time APV launched in Indonesia.

    And, we uses G15A engine (1.5 litres) instead of G16A (1.6 l) :-D
    Consumption in the city (with 60% traffic jam): 8,5km per litre regular gas.
    Toll road: around 10,5km per litre in my case, since I dare running at 120km/h or more, heheh, but not furious though :-p
    Tops in 155km/h, maybe the air filter's a bit dirty. Some of my friend told me he can run at 160km/h (with standard wheels set). And very few can do in 170km/h.
    Yes, all are G15A engines with 5MT tranny, no G16A option in here :-p

    Is APV quite popular in your country?
    It is in Indonesia, though still rank 2 competing the Avanza (currently rank 1 with not much differ) :-p

    BTW, try to measure the interior length from the center point of the dash cover to the back door. Compare it with Toyota Innova (called Toyota Kijang Innova in here). You might be surprised which one is the longest :-)

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    Oct 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by redorange View Post
    .... What does the inside look like? Is that a side exit exhaust on the one with the spinners?
    Yes it is, it's a working muffler :-)
    I heard that he also installed a turbo last time. b16 4pv is actually an everyday car that's also function as a show car. Already won several award in any car show in Jakarta.

    All interior is coloured light-orange, and 'loaded' too. Check the photos :-)

    he used 19"x8J Venerdi Herreborani wheels set before that, with normal muffler.
    Source page:

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    Mar 2005
    nice interior

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    Oct 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Kikkomann View Post
    Welcome to Tsikot (slang of the word "kotse", meaning car)!...
    ic, Tagalog isn't it?
    My dad's a Pinoy, but I can't speak one

    Hmm, no means to offense
    I remember about Kikkoman before...
    seems like a brand of Japanese soy sauce. Love that one in jp restaurant. Tasty, or 'oishii', jpn people said

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    Aug 2004
    The Suzuki APV is kind of uncommon here, because a lot of people believe that if it isn't Toyota, it isn't worth it. Too bad for them.

    Does your club have instructions on how to do the window modification in the second row? My friend might be interested in doing it on his APV.

    Our APVs are a little less fuel efficient, I think, because of the bigger engine.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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SUZUKI APV - mod. pics.