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    Oct 2002

    Eto with flaming paint job pa. :P

    di nya kaya to siguro

    I like this one

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    Oct 2002
    nasa shang ito kanina, ganda pa pwesto ng parking, sa 5th level A, at corner pa, talagang kitang kita sa mata

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    Nov 2002
    Bling is a slang term to describe fancy jewelry, derived from the "bling, bling" sound that heavy gold and silver necklaces make when they are dropped.

    San na ba ung picture ng JIMNY na humatak ng ROVER? Dapat 30" tires nilagay jan tas iakyat sa bundok!!

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    Apr 2004
    Now I know what "Bling Blings" are. Thanks!

    I like Jimnys, but I would prefer them to have those A/T tires, rather than low profiles. IMHO lang.

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    Jun 2004
    Dati daw cochero may-ari nyan, eh nag-saudi kya nagka bling-blings jimny nya para feel nya roots nya. You should see his horse

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    Jan 2003
    parang sapatos ni voltes-V. nagbi-bling bling na pala si voltes-V

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by impulzz
    parang sapatos ni voltes-V. nagbi-bling bling na pala si voltes-V
    Hahahahaha I was about to post that! Naging volt machine ang pocha!

    Sayang naman yun pera niya dyan sa mags na yan. I would've spent it on something more meaningful...e.g. suspension setup, sounds, etc:D

    Magkano kaya nagastos niya sa bling-blings niya?

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    Feb 2004
    napansin nga siya ;)
    Last edited by racerx; August 17th, 2004 at 11:28 PM.

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    Jul 2004
    what a waste of a 4X4...

    well, it's his vehicle. He can do whatever he likes with it. But then again, just because you can do it or afford it, doesn't mean it should be done. oh well.

    Matagtag siguro yan. The jimny has a short wheelbase and those tires will just worsen the ride.

    It's strangely appealing, like freakshows. LOL you know it's tacky but you just have to stare. But good taste and reason prevail and that tire and wheel combination look like a very bad idea to me.

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    Nov 2002
    Palit na lang kami.. Set-up-an ko Jimny nya tas set-up-an nya akin..tas palit ulit. Lagyan ko lang ng spacers yan.. Trail-ready na!

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Jimny Bling Bling!