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    Jan 2010
    ano po ba ang tamang PSF sa isuzu gemini 98 model. naubusan po kc ang fluid yung kotse ko eh kabibili ko lang sya last january. Ang ATF po ba ay pwede na sa kotse ko?

    many thanks,


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    Oct 2009
    Power Steering System are less complicated systems compared to Automatic Transmission, in fact its only function is to lessen the driver's effort in steering the car, there are no special thing about them compared to automatic transmission fluid requirement. They are like most hydraulic systems, same as with your ordinary bottle jack, crocodile jack, car lifter, whereas automatic transmission operate more into extreme heat, more power transfer, longer working time. So I think ATF (automatic Transmission Fluid) are more than enough to pass the requirement of Power Steering FLuid, as with honda power steering system, they are the same in design with other power steering system.

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    Jan 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by paulgozon View Post
    ... as with honda power steering system, they are the same in design with other power steering system.
    Honda is specific with their fluids... PSF, ATF, Engine oil, and coolant.

    I wouldn't bother with the risks. New steering rack or pump?... no thanks.. :D

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    May 2006
    Ang power steering fluid specs na nakalagay sa owner's manual ng VW Polo is: Audi/VW hydraulic oil G 002 000. Does anyone know kung anong locally available na psf ang compliant sa ganyang specs/grade? TIA

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    Aug 2013
    For my Corolla GLi, any Dexron type ATF, pwede na. Use ko sa automatic transmission ay Whiz DIII/Merc ATF kaya yun na din gamit sa PS.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by shibby75 View Post
    i came upon a brand of powersteering fluid. "Power Gold" brand. US brand ang nakasulat and can be found in your suking auto supply. I read the fine print at the back, "NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HONDA USE" .

    So i assume na iba nga ang power steering system ng honda.
    meron MAG yata na brand "made for Honda" nakasulat

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what fluid is best in power steering?