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    Dec 2005
    i have a 96 grand caravan and i need to replace the power steering pressure hose because the old one is already leaking. since i am there i want to flush and replace it with a new PSF. i cannot find a mopar ms-5931 fluid on any of those chrysler/dodge/jeep parts shop in binondo so i went to the mall and i found a castrol gt power steering fluid. it is printed on its specs label :

    Castrol GT Power Steering Fluid exceeds performance requirements for:
    Saginaw Pump, GM9985010 (Part No. 1050017 and 1052884)
    Chrysler MS-5931 (Hydroboost systems)
    AMC 4060 (Part No. AM 8993342)
    AMC 4124
    Saab (Part No. 45-30 09-800)
    Volkswagen TL-VW-570-26 (Part No. ZVW 239-902)

    there is also a Cyclo Power Steering Fluid that have on the label :

    Meets service requirements of GM, Ford, Chrysler, and most imports

    though it doesnt say MS-5931.

    are these two safe to use or should i go to a Chrysler dealer and buy the Mopar MS-5931 fluid with an overbloated price tag ? havent asked the dealer yet though how much it cost or if it is on stock because new models now uses the tranny fluid ATF+4.....

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    May 2006
    castrol will be fine. but if you really want MS9531 i have it on stocks

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    Dec 2005
    wow... you're the man sir..... i think i want the ms5931. 2-3 liters to double flush is sufficient i guess... is this your shop address :

    MotorTech, 181 katipunan avenue near corner santolan road.

    if i come from camp aguinaldo, i will take santolan road going katipunan avenue. on the corner of santolan and katipunan, is your shop going left or going right?

    thank you so much for replying to my querries. in the past and now....

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    May 2006
    left sir sa stop light but you need to go u-turn sa ilalim ng aurora flyover nasa left kasi kami (just opposite ng shell gas station), or you can take 20th ave then pasok kalantiaw, right sa rajah matanda till you reach katipunan konting right lang doon na shop namin

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    Dec 2005
    i will pay a visit probably this weekend..... thanks sir...

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