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    Oct 2002
    personally i haven't tried nitrogen to inflate my tires...this thread might help

    checking tire pressure

    nyeh...bilis ni FD ah...naunahan ako he he
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    Aug 2004
    Please note that air which which is used most of the time to inflate the tires of our cars is already 78% nitorgen and 20% oxygen and the rest are other various gasses.

    However, I have read about the many benefits of using N2, however, in my opinion the cost of using N2 alone could be quite expensive that the benefits from using N2 are outweighted by the cost of just using compressed air.
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    Oct 2002
    I'm with Benjie on that one.

    Besides, I sometimes have to air down when off-road. It's like watching money vanish into thin air. hehehe.
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    Sep 2004
    I also check my tires once a week. I already purchased my own plug-in air compressor and a separate pressure gauge para kahit nasa garahe lang e pwede pang mag-hangin (although medyo conscious ako sa baterya). I used to have the tires inflated at 45psi sa Caltex Timog Ave. Kaya lang, advice ng casa masyado daw matigas yung ride, so lately I've been putting in 30psi sa front tires and 36psi sa rear.

    One reason why I check my tires that often is that my rear left tire deflates at a faster rate than the rest of my rubbers. I've already had it checked sa casa and they found nothing wrong with it, along with my alignment and balancing. I've tried changing my driving style pero wa-epek pa rin. Kaya ang resulta, every week ako naglalagay ng hangin. Note that I'm using stock Goodyear radials and aluminum rims that came with my unit. And no modifications whatsoever to the suspension. Pansin ko lang, mukhang inherent problem talaga 'to, at least sa Adventure. Kasi I noticed one other Adventure on the road once, medyo deflated din yung rear left tire niya compared to the rest of the tires.

    Originally posted by chieffy
    Pa-vulvanize ang next step. Tip lang po.
    Ay, vulvanize. Bastus ni sir chieffy! :lol:
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    Oct 2002
    hehehe. Sharp eye!

    Baka recommend din ni chieffy na lagyan ng VUVLAr ang iyong Adventure.
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    Sep 2004
    bago ko gumamit nang sasakyan or pag nakikisakay. tinitignan ko status nung gulong. ksi baka may bastos na naglagay nang pako.

    as for the tire pressure, i keep it well within the recommended tire pressure range. pag lagi daw under-inflated ang gulong eh lumolobo sa sides. it's always a good practice to check your tire's pressure before going on a long drive / trip. i don't use them pen type gauges. pag alignment padadala ko sa casa.

    sir Bogeyman: hehehe, magkatabi ksi ung letter v & c.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by zapped_17
    Mas ok daw ba talaga Nitro than O2?sabi ng frend ko mas maganda daw ride pag naka nitro, less tagtag at mag maganda para sa gulong kesa sa usual oxygen? 22o ba un?
    less tagtag? first time i've heard of that... must be a psychological thingie...

    AFAIK, these are the benefits of using pure nitrogen:
    - the air pressure of your tires always stays the same, even after using it. IMO this is only beneficial for racing since tires are already engineered to handle the extra pressure when it is already hot.
    - less deterioration on your wheels. IMO this is only beneficial for car collectors since wheel deterioration only occurs after a few decades or so.

  8. FrankDrebin Guest
    Mukhang masarap subukan yang Nitrogen thingie kapag sa long drive let's say Manila to Ilocos.

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    Dec 2004
    tanong ko lng mga experts kung okay yng "foam" na pang inflate din for tires.. anti-flat daw. . i think it expeands or solidifies pag na flat ka....

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    Oct 2002
    We use that foam thing in our Benzes. They are not for inflating tires. You will still need to put air in.

    However, in the event of a small puncture, the foam can potentially seal the the leak as the tire rolls along.

    We have not experienced flats with the foam system installed. But make sure you use the vehicle regularly. The foam may have the potential to settle in harden (depends on brand siguro). And your wheels will be off balance when you use the vehicle again.
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