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    Jan 2003
    hi guys, may inooffer kasi subaru sa sis ko, anong masasabi nyo sa car na ito?

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    Oct 2005
    IMO, Subaru is every bit as reliable as any Japanese car here... its just that it doesnt have a strong dealers here. parts and aftermarket mods are scarce too!
    but wait, coz Subaru will open a dealership next year here in the Phil. its confirmed.
    it will separate itself from Chevy as i know.

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    Jan 2003
    addt'l info, 1997 model siya, 225,000PHP

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    is it really a GT model?ung turbo charged boxer engine, awd, wagon..and a JDM converted unit?

    if its not turbocharged, and a JDM unit, most likely is just a local not saying its bad, pero gusto ko lang din makakita ng legacy GT upclose..although nanakita na ako ng white one dito sa may central cor visayas ave. na drive ng magandang chick!

    subaru naman is a good brand, that is a victim of a bad dealership here in our country. i would want one if i have the cash...

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    Jan 2003
    USDM sya but nabili sya locally from chevrolet... imported... at 4wd sya

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    so orig LHD pala...ok yan pre...un lang, mahihirapan ka sa parts, now..but not for long siguro, because sa pagbukas ng local dealer ng subaru sa atin....

    wish ko forester 2.5GT....

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    Jan 2005
    go for it! tapos kuha ka JDM STi (EJ20T) engine para swap. eheheheheh. :D

    they're reliable as well.

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    Oct 2002
    I believe that the 1997 Legacy GT isnt Turbo yet. Although, current GT is equipped with turbo. If it's USDM, then 165hp and 162ft-lb 2.5l engine is what it has.

    RE: Reliability?

    If reliability is the factor, then you are looking at the wrong car. But if you wanna stand out to the crowd, then its the car for you if Subaru in the Phils is scarce, still. rating for the car is 7.3 while the 1997 civic's rating is 8.9

    In my opinion, a reliable car should be ranked 8.0 and above.

    The price is just about right tho. Private party value of the said vehicle is $4000

    1997 Compact Sedan Rankings:

    No offense to Subaru owners, but I've had my fair share with Subaru reliability and quality.

    Otherwise, it should be a fun car to drive. AWD is not an option...its Standard ;)

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    Jan 2003
    nabili na po, ang sarap i drive.... post ko pics pag na upload ko na

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    Nov 2005
    Pandagdag ko lang: I LOVE my Subaru! Wala akong experience with a 1997, but I understand they made great cars back then and even before that. Full-time AWD is nice specially on wet surface or on cornering. They've been making the best AWD systems for automobiles bar none for quite a while now. Ang downside lang sa Subbys na napansin ko ay yung fuel consumption. (Hopefully their partnering with Toyota will help on that front ... as well as an 8-speed automatic tranny mated to an TT H6 boxer engine :drool: ) ... Whoops, back on-topic ...

    Okay iyang purchase niya, BoyL3. 'Di siya magsisisi. It's true mahihirapan siya sa parts sa una, but those engines and suspensions last a looong time. Anong sukat sa odometer? (not that I trust it to not have been tampered)

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