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    Aug 2005
    What's the best weight gain powder that I can take? I'm 5'8", under 110lbs. What supplements?

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    Oct 2002
    Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. In addition, consume 1-1.5gm of protein per lb of your weight.

    110lbs = 110grams of protein

    stick to basic movements, no cable or pulley exercises as much as possible.

    as a start, try performing these exercises:

    Day 1 (Monday)
    Bent-over barbell rows
    overhead dumbell tricep

    Day 2 (Thursday)
    Squat (20% lighter than Monday)
    Standing Military press
    seeated e-z barbell curl

    **this is the most important exercise that a beginner could do. if you can lift your own weight, then you shouldnt have a problem lifting while keeping the proper posture.

    Now for the repetition and sets, I would start with 3 sets of 8-reps.
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    Oct 2002
    Trajano, ang kadalasan kong naririnig na weight gain power ay yung MEGAMASS ng weider.

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    Oct 2002

    Twinlab Super Gainers Fuel (only because you take 661.7grams of it)
    2560 Calories / Serving

    Twinlab Gainers Fuel 2500
    2140 Calories / Serving

    Weider Giant Mega Mass 4000
    1640 Calories / Serving

    Optimum Serious Mass (334grams, double up the serving and you get the same amount of calories found from Twinlab)
    1250 Calories / Serving

    ABB Extreme XXL
    1040 Calories / Serving
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    Oct 2002
    Also, when buying a protein supplement dont just depend on how much protein it'll provide you per serving.


    Twinlab Supergainer: 100 grams of protein

    but to calculate the actual protein you are getting per serving, do this.

    protein per serving / serving size X 100 = % of unadulterated protein

    100/661.7X100= 15.11% of unadulterated protein

    whereas the Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey:

    24grams/30.4X100 = 78.94% of unadulterated protein

    The other protein powder that trumps ON 100% Whey is AST VP2 with an 85% of unadulterated protein. and, you can literally put the powder in your mouth and not puke

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    Aug 2005
    Thanks Bro. I'll start this program next month. I'll also check some of Van_Wilders supplements and powders. Thanks for the bother.

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    Aug 2005
    There was this GainFast Powder thingy from Healthy Options that I was inquiring, mabilis daw magpabigat, but I'm apprehensive because the gain might just be from fats or carbo.

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    Oct 2002
    ang tanong, can your stomach tolerate the ingredients for Universal GainFast:

    Directions: To make the Get-Big-Quick Formula, start with two quarts of low-fat skim milk. Add 6 scoops (337g) of Gain Fast. Drop in three egg whites to add about 12 additional grams of protein and 68 more calories. Then to add more flavor, add one pint of your favorite low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt, and combine it with 4 tablespoons of malted milk powder. You’ll get about 563 more calories and 19 grams more protein. Next add five tablespoons of honey for 244 more calories, and lastly add at least two bananas and one cup of berries.
    I dont drink protein with Milk, lactose intolerant ako. Water lang mixture ng protein powder na ini-inom ko. Lactaid naman nakakasuka ang lasa kapag hinalo sa protein.

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    Aug 2005
    Ayoko din kasi ng milk dahil mahina ang tiyan ko at super baho ng utot, makamatay at galit na galit ang wifey ko. Mas lalong mabaho sigurado pag may raw egg, baka di na ako papasukin ng bahay ni wifey.

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Trajano
    What's the best weight gain powder that I can take? I'm 5'8", under 110lbs. What supplements?
    hmmm the best way should be to eat and eat. I have the same dilemma before and the worst part is I can't afford supplements lalo na dito sa pinas. so what I did is eat six times a day instead of 3 then at night time pag nagigising ako I eat one boiled egg at isang fuji apple, medyo nakakasuka sa umipisa pero masasanay ka din. You can't gain serious mass without eating enough and gaining some fat along the way is inevitable. btw, mas madali mag burn ng fat if you have more muscle mass.

    BTW my before weight was 115lbs at 5'11" but now I'm about 195lbs. (edited)
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