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    Oct 2002
    Well, I started with my Max-OT and supplements on the 18th of October. After reading theveed's article in, I will be taking a dayssss off. I wont be back in the gym until the 13th of December. Then I will hit the gym once a week but still incorporating the Max-OT routine.

    I will post my progress from October 18 thru November 18 tomorrow. Then another on December 18th after my weeks off.

    Looks like I'm gonna have to let this thread(s) go untouched until Dec. 18th after posting my pics tomorrow.
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    Oct 2002
    Salamat sa comments bro, let me answer you point by point:

    Originally posted by Karding
    theveed, bakit gusto mo mag gain ng weight? Hindi ka naman ecto di ba? Im under the impression that with your height, losing weight is favorable. You could be losing 'fatty' weight dahil sabi mo nagkaka muscle ka na. Isnt that good?
    I'm not an ecto, yes, but that doesn't mean I have enough muscle mass in me. Yes, what's going on right now seems "ideal" or "utopian", losing weight while increasing muscle. But I'm lost personally and I prefer to restart rather than chance something in the middle. That's just how I like to do things generally.

    If you are 5'6" at 165lbs, overweight yon di ba?

    Honestly, I don't believe in the height/weight ratio chart. Muscle is heavier than fat, the more muscular you are, the heavier you'll be. I don't believe I'm overweight, almost all my vitals point to normal weight when I checked with a doctor and nutritionist.

    So, kung 150lbs ka na lang or kahit 145lbs with muscles, ideal lang yon. Im not sure why you would want to gain weight, maybe you have a better explanation.

    Simple, I want to be 160 lean with 7-10% bodyfat that I can maintain daily. I've been 140 lean before, I prefer bigger. My body structure prefers (actually, I prefer hehe) to be wider and thicker, I don't aim to be thin. I want to be bigger than I am right now but leaner. That's my goal right from the start, 155-160 lean. I never looked "good" under 145 whether fat or thin.

    I know your're trying to bulk, but with your bodyweight, you are already bulk. Not muscle bulk nga lang siguro kaya akala mo you still need to bulk. What you need to do is burn the fat, if any.

    Remember the pics I posted around early October? That was my post-weight loss shape. I came from 176 to 165. By that time, I wasn't that lean (around 15% BF or so), but neither was I fat. My waist dropped from 38-34 in 7 weeks. I became much thinner and leaner by the time I started my decision to bulk.

    For me, bulk phase means piling on muscle while trying to minimize fat gain. You can't technically bulk rapidly (90 days or so) without adding on fat. That I'm willing to accept, but I added fat a bit too fast the past 2.5 weeks due to my mistake with my diet. That's why I'm trying to replan my bulk. If I don't bulk, I 'll just be smaller than I am now and go back to my late Sept. shape, which is not my goal now.

    You are already supplementing with Whey protein so that should help you gain muscle mass, which you already are.

    Whey supplementation will not bring me more mass, a high caloric intake with increased protein intake will. Protein itself will not be sufficient for me to get more "meat" in me, it needs the right amount of carbs and fat for it to be used my my muscle to grow. Something I'm not doing right right now, I'm taking in ample amount of protein, but not enough carbs and other nutrients.

    I dont know, maybe mali ang perspective ko. Pero I see people who isn't ecto and started burning fats with intense workout and no bulking routine.

    Yes, but most of these people are simply trying to get back into shape. I'm not after that, I'm done with that. I wanna get big(ger).

    I, ecto, should be the one who's bulking but my frame wont be able to handle any added bulk.

    Maybe, maybe not... But my body is definitely capable of doing so. I know there's not way for me to look like a model or fitness cover guy, but I never wished to look like one since my genetics are naturally wide and "low", that's how most of my family's frame is built... Think Franco... ;)

    In other words, I won't be able to be in your shape, you have a great looking V-taper and slim waist. Adding even little bulk to your chest will make it look "shaped" compared to my barrel chested frame... I have a powerlifter frame more than a bodybuilder. Lastly, I'm very light skinned (except my forearms due to my golfing days hehe), I won't look as "cut" as you do unless I have enough meat underneath my skin.

    Great pics btw, keep it up bud.
    Last edited by theveed; November 19th, 2004 at 03:38 PM.

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    Oct 2002
    fafa kards...fafing fafi ah!!

    nagvavarvells ka vha!?

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    Oct 2002
    Oh here's the final pic until early Dec siguro hehe

    Nowhere close to Fafa Karding hehe, pang Chiccos na yan eh.

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    Oct 2002
    Bawal po ang pagpost ng ads dito sa pitstop. Please use the classifieds function or use PM.


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    Oct 2002
    theveed, ayouz yung sig mo ah! :D

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    Oct 2002
    :D Madami ako kaaway paminsan kaya nagwawala ako hehehe

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    Oct 2002
    very well explained theveed. Ayos nga ang sig mo! woooooootaaahhhhh ambilis !

    chicos? anong chicos?

    nakakapanibago, wala akong gagawin mamayang lunch kundi kumain at gumawa ng assignment para sa eskuwela. Withdrawal syndrome sa gym na to

    gagawin ko na din ang oats servings mo theveed, half a cup na din ako sa 2-scoops of whey for my bfast. ngayong mag off ka sa gym theveed, mag creatine ka pa ba? I havent decided kung mag OFF din ako sa creatine. I might tho, then load ulit ako sa Dec 13. Pero whey, AA 2222, multivitamins... tuloy tuloy.

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    Nov 2003
    hmmm, mukhang precision training ngayon sina sir theveed and karding ah..

    chest work-out ko kanina..

    incline db press
    3 x 10 - 20 lbs (warm-up)
    1 x 4 - 35 lbs (acclimation)
    4 x 6 - 50 lbs

    bench press
    4 x 6 - 150 lbs

    3 x 12

    ..intense naman work-out ko kanina pero bat kaya walang soreness masyado sa chest? tris ko lang sore talaga.. :confused:

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    Oct 2002
    kennster, baka naman napupunta ang intensive training mo sa tris while doing chest? Make sure to contract or squeeze on top when doing presses.

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