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    Oct 2002
    Meron isang klaseng machine instead of using ropes or cables. Wherein you can place your elbows and do the ab crunching. Dun sa gym na pinupuntahan ko even professional women do it.

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    Nov 2003
    Originally posted by Karding
    Looks good. Inuna mo yata ang pull-ups para may lakas ka pa ah :hihihi: Rows>Pulldowns>pull-ups ang sakin.

    Sa Chest, 3 x 6 sa bench and 1 x 6 sa decline. You'll be too exhausted by the time you get to decline kung 4 heavy sets pa ang bench press mo. Pero kung kaya mo pa, eh di sige lang, hehehe.

    Lying tri extension, dont forget the 4 warm-up sets.
    warm-up brefore triceps extension noted..

    about the bench, ok nako sa 4 sets, pag medyo na-ubos 1 set na lang decline.. concentrate kasi ako sa upper and mid chest eh.

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    Oct 2002
    You can perform hanging leg raises by using the parrallel bar, iwas cheating if you sway while doing it.

    UNGAS, I think Ab Crunch machine ang sinsabi mo. That what I use and I posted the pic.

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    Nov 2003
    nice article:

    "Do Not" Specifics:

    Do not pyramid unnecessarily.

    One of the worst training methods ever introduced is pyramid training. This is where you start out light and then add small increments of weight with each set - going to failure each set until you get to your heaviest set. After the heavy set you then lighten the weight just opposite to how you increased it on the way up. Then you complete reps to failure for each set on the way down.

    As I said, this is probably the least efficient way possible to build muscle yet it is the most common training approach used today. So if you are training this way the first thing you should ask yourself is - Why do I do this?

    When you structure your sets like this, for whatever muscle group you are training, you deprive them of not only the overload they are capable of, but also the overload needed to induce efficient muscle growth.

    Never go to failure on a warm-up set.

    This is the ultimate training sin. Never, ever, ever, ever, go to failure with a warm-up set. This is the perfect way to sabotage a workout and stop muscle growth dead in its tracks.

    Do not warm-up the same muscle group twice.

    Never re-warm a muscle group just because you have proceeded to a different exercise.

    Examples: There is no need to warm-up on the Leg Press after a squat routine. There is no need to start out light on Barbell Curls after finishing Dumbbell Curls. Likewise, there is no need to start out light on Cable Rows after Barbell Rows.

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    Oct 2002
    Daming namiss ko na posts, post ako bukas, hehe holiday today wala ako sa office :P

    BTW, my chest routine last fri is awesome, until now my chest is still pumped up... Did major lat workout today...

    Tuesday na... hehe babay.

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    Apr 2004
    bench press, incline dumbbell press tapos crossovers na lang ginawa ko for chest... hindi ko na kaya eh... ayoko magdecline kasi by babagsak naman talaga yun muscles sa chest dahil sa gravity...

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    Oct 2002
    thveed..bad news.

    3 days of gluttony in baguio.daming strawberries kong nakain.ahihihihi...naka 2 kilo0s yata ako sa 3 the steaks and veggies.


    continue the 1 phase till next week?this nis gonna be my 3rd week eh.

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    Oct 2002
    good find kennster.

    van_wilder, try to do lighter on the bench and incline. Just enough for you to lift one set in decline. But if x-over works for you, so be it.

    Muntik ko na di matapos ang chest routine ko kanina. I was squeezing each rep sa incline pa lang. Nahirapan ako mag 6 rep sa preceding exercises/sets. Sa awa ng dyos naman, natapos ko 'til decline.

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    Oct 2002
    Glenn: basta mababawi ok lang yan... :D

    Kanina late ako sa gym (may sakit anak ko kaya puyat ako last night watching him)... only had 30 mins, leg day sana today but since I almost killed myself sa back day kahapon, medyo sore pa back ko, so I did some chest.

    Back routine yesterday, concentrating on lats this time.

    Started with pullups (assisted 25kg)
    12 reps x 3 sets
    failure reps x 2 sets

    Close grip pulldowns
    3 sets (failure) 30kg ata or 35, forgot.
    2 sets (failure) 20kg

    Deadlifts - Light day lang, not doing low reps today:
    160lbs x 10
    198lbs x 8
    260lbs x 5

    Seated rows - 3 sets, 45kg, 35kg, 30kg x Failure

    Weighted hyperextention, 15kg 3sets to failure (12 reps or so).

    Ball stretching.

    Today's Chest...

    (Same as last week's, but no cables, nagmachine press lang ako... Using the machine press, I was able to do positive and negative failures, grabe pump, finished in 30 mins :P)

    Incline flyes, rest 30 sec then incline press

    40 x 8
    45 x 5
    45 x 5
    30 x 6

    Seated Machine Chest Press

    90lbs x failure positive and negative
    100lbs x failure positive and negative
    80lbs x failure positive and negative

    Natutuwa din ako sa chest dev so far (2 weeks), kahit di naka flex or "squeezed" may visible bulge na lower, mid, and upper pecs ko...

    It's weird also na despite eating so much (calories and protein), and seeing visible gains (haven't measured but based on pics visible talaga, even my wife said so), i'm still losing weight. I dropped a pound again this week, but my chest, back and shoulders grew....
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    Oct 2002
    Karding: Regarding the chest workout. I shock my muscle (chest) by using a different angle, weight, speed usually, but I don't take out flyes from my routine, my "shock" treatment usally occurs when I introduce bar to my chest workout.

    Regarding inner pec, i know there isn't a separate muscle for the inner and outer, but everybody knows that by varying grip or angles, the outer and inner part of the main pectoral muscle gets used in a different manner, same as a "lower and upper bicep", there's no such thing, but preacher curls tend to work the part that's nearest to the elbow joint compared to concentration curls.

    All I'm saying is, despite a lot of chest programs that I've tried using the same advice of using just compound pressing exercises, I've tried them with strict form and guidance and they don't pump up my chest better than a fly-press combo. To clarify, this is my observation to my own chest muscles. I guess by now it's obvious that I'm not an ecto since I can balloon to 180-190 easily if i let myself "go" like I did a few years back :P

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