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    Oct 2002
    thveed...ill email you my pics.nawawala yung before pics...grrrr..pero tingnan mo nalang.mga tonight pag wala tonight sa tues na yun.herherh

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    Oct 2002
    Sa bench press warm up 20x2 *5kgs., 15x2 *10kgs. tapos 15x1 *7.5kgs. Pero di nagfailure sa benchpress; nagsuperset nga pala ako sinabayan ko ng dumbell press din inbetween 20x1 *20, 15x2 *25, 15x1 *20. (di ko alam kung ano yung number plate dun sa dumbbells ng Ivanko)

    Tapos superset ulit inclined flyes or flies & cable pec; 20x1 *25, 15x2 *30, 10x1 *20. (flyes) 25x1 *plate #2, 15x2 *plate #4, 20x2 *plate#3.

    When I was about to do another set of flyes *20, 10reps lang ayaw na umakyat. Took a 2 minute rest then tried again wala na.

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    Oct 2002
    Ungas: gaan sobra yung for you pre... regardless of your "level"... Medyong may mali din supersetting it with DB press, parehas lang bar at db presses, iba lang nya range of motion...

    Also, superset only works if you work to failure or max OT, 15 reps are way too light for muscle stress.

    Nangawit ka sa flyes coz isolated motion sya, mas "targeted" yung muscles na involved.

    If you did your compound correctly with the right intensity, di ka aabot ng 10reps sa pecdeck/flyes pre...

    Honestly, doing more than 12-15 reps with weights is a waste of energy... Especially if you're trying to trigger muscle growth.

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    Oct 2002
    What I want to do now, is sustain the muscle power. Para di ampaw yung muscles, ample muscle growth inreturn more sustainable strength for longer exercise duration.

    Mali ba yung style?

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    Oct 2002
    What do you mean by "ampaw" yung muscle? For it to deflate and turn flabby?

    One thing people think is that muscle turns to fat when not worked. That's totally impossible as muscle can never become fat and vice versa.

    In order to "sustain" the current muscle mass, you need to supply your muscles with ample protein. Whether or not you're getting enough, it's a different topic (sa isang thread nalang siguro). The other aspect of maintaining muscle mass is to keep working them and exposing them to stress.

    Avoiding your muscles from reaching a catabolic state means that you have to keep it in an anabolic state. Hence, stressing the muscle. If you stress the muscle, it'll go into "shock" and will attempt to recruit more fibers to do the job (which is lifting). That's the reason why heavy lifting stimulates growth.

    Note the word "stimulate" not CAUSe growth. Your muscle will grow only if you have a lot of nutrients to feed them with. So if you don't want it to grow, but at least maintain its size, you can lift moderately heavy so that the muscle still has to be stimulated.

    If you lift light and with lots of rep, all you're doing is tiring them out from lactic acid buildup. Iba ang DOMS (soreness) sa lactic acid buildup (ngawit).

    High rep, light weight is just ngawit... Kinda like walking for a long period, your muscles are actually used for fuel and your muscles are merely getting tired...

    Lifting really light does NOT deplete muscle glycogen. Low intensity exercise does not deplete muscle glycogen levels and therefore, later that day if you have excess calories they will likely be stored as body fat whereas if you deplete the glycogen the excess calories will primarily be stored in the muscles.

    Got it somewhere...
    "Compare the bodies of a walker, marathon runner, and sprinter. If you are not familiar with what a sprinter's body looks like, it is very muscular and has little body fat while on the other hand the body of a walker will likely have the opposite, little muscle and more fat. The sprinter does little or no low intensity exercise and does primarily short hard bursts of work while the marathoner overtrains so much they burn off both the body fat and the muscle and thatís why they tend to look almost sickly thin."

    Same concept due to the amount of stress the muscle is being exposed to... If you do high rep light weight (too light), you'll just lose muscle mass, which is something you don't want to do right from the start, right?

    You can stick to your program (maybe make some adjustments)... You can stick to the number of sets you want to do...


    Pick a weight that you can only lift 12-15 reps max. 12 reps mean that your bodypart isn't capable of doing a single rep above 15 reps. Your minimum rep should be between 12-15... 12 should be struggling, 15 should be nearly too heavy for you to lift.

    Add a balance dose of protein with your existing diet, you should be fine.
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    Oct 2002
    Got it, I'll try to add more weights slowly next time around. Which is what I'm doing know, 5kgs. added from previous exercised muscle group.

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    Apr 2004
    nag-shoulder press ako kanina using barbell... hindi smith machine ah, free weights... hindi ba mainjure back ko nito? sabi kasi nun trainer maganda ito...

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    Nov 2003
    Legs / Chest ako kanina --

    Smith Squat -
    3 x 10 - 70lbs
    3 x 6 - 130 lbs

    Machine Leg press - 4 x 6 - 220 lbs

    Smith incline press -
    3 x 10 - 75 lbs
    3 x 6 - 140 lbs

    Bench press - 4 x 6 - 150 lbs

    Machine chest press (yung seating position) - 3 x 4 - 200 lbs

    ..pansin ko lang, after the work-out, parang sobrang kumapal yung chest area ko (that was morning).. pero come night time, parang back to normal state na naman (numipis ule).. mukhang i really need to take creatine na talaga..

    also since doing the more weight-less rep prog, i noticed that the soreness wasn't really there anymore, before kasi, yung soreness would usually last for up to 2-3 days pero now, less than a day lang yung soreness.. :confused:

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    Oct 2002
    Di ba ang seated row machine, cable row or machine row are supposed to be exercise for your back and lats?

    RE: x-overs and flyes.

    All Im saying, would you do this at the same day? I just dont see that point of doing it at the same day. Its better to cycle this to stimulate or shock your muscle every 4 weeks. As opposed to doing x-over for life or flyes for life.

    "Conventional wisdom says to pick a variety of exercises for each bodypart to hit the muscle from all angles. " (can be done with cycling exercises without over-exhausting your muscle and hinder grpwth)

    RE: flyes doesnt work your inner pecs as much as x-over.

    There is not even a so called inner or outer pec. This is a myth. Its all about genetics. Human anatomy doesnt have those portions of the body.

    To quote:

    The Pectoralis Major has two portions a lower, the sternocostal head and an upper, the clavicular head. There are no inner and outer pecs anatomically speaking. L
    Taken from this LINK

    Another SITE that talks about Inner Pec as a MYTH.

    RE: which isn't that easy to do with flyes since the weight of the DB are already resting at your elbows and shoulders when you reach your peak contraction.

    although INNER PEC is already a MYTH, you can perform a flye to isolate the pecs (if you want to see your inner peak) without 'cheating' and doing the strictest movement and hold 2-sec on top. Use a lightweight, so you dont have to put the strain to your elbow.

    Chest exercises is subjective, you are correct. But for an ectomorph like kennster and myself, flyes or x-overs is not an option just yet. My comment was specifically for van_wilder who was doing flyes and x-overs at the same day.

    RE: superset only works if you work to failure or max OT

    There is no supersetting in Max-OT.

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    Nov 2003
    Karding: what's a superset? also since im kinda following your prog.. do you always feel the soreness after you work-out? if yes, how long does it usually last? mentality ko kasi is that if i feel very sore, it means that the work-out was effective and my muscles are growing.. but still, i really need to take CREATINE na talaga!!! :D

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