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    Oct 2002
    Buhay pala tong site na to, basta magregister and login ka muna

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    Oct 2002
    Good (somewhat funny) read...

    What bodybuilders have to go through

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    Apr 2004
    theveed bb board lang? website na! ehehehe...

    KENNSTER: oo nga naman kuha ka ng price list sa cash & carry tapos tatapatan ko yun price pero masmababa ko ibibigay sa mga tsikot... ako na mismo mag-import sa january eh

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    Apr 2004
    yun kay kennster, dapat pala dun sa isang thread yan...

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by GlennSter ABSCBN PO!!!

    530 onwards...herhehrehr
    talaga? ako din! naaddict na sa cosmic cycling eh! hehe (wag mong sasabihing "pake ko!") hehe

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by Hell_racer
    talaga? ako din! naaddict na sa cosmic cycling eh! hehe (wag mong sasabihing "pake ko!") hehe
    heller!!!!ako din kaya!!!

    kanina kay philip ako eh...630-730...whats your sched ba?mwf ako ngayon..pero minsan diko matiis kahit tues at thurs gym din ako....

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    Oct 2002
    im not a pro or certified trainer ha, but i see that most programs that are handed out to newbies are "compromise" programs, meaning the program attempts to do everything in one session...
    Usually, this whole body program is introduced to newbies to get accustomed with every weight machine in the gym. By doing this, it also works every muscle group for a preliminary work-out. This program should be used with a lightweight. After a month or so, when every part of your body is used to enduring stress, this so called 'newbie program' should be stopped and introduced the split-routine slowly with a light weight. And most trainer uses their god-given genetic to attract customers when they dont even assess what type of body the newbie has. They tend to say, "yeah, I'll make you grow in 6 months"

    theveed, thanks for the site I'll post mine on the other thread. I've added you on my YM as well, gardo_segovia

    Chest Day
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    Oct 2002
    Today is my back day...

    Bit the bullet and tried pullups... With 30kg assistance hehe... sorry wimpy...

    Pagbigyan nyo na ako, it's much much easier for a light person (sub 140 na 5'5" above) to do chins than a 160+ person with the same height to do chins hehe... More weight to pull. Kaya usually babae ang matindi sa pull/chinups.

    So I did 2 sets warmup (40kg assist) of 15 reps.

    3 sets with 30kg assist, failure (12-10-8 ata)

    On to my fav back exercise... Deadlifts.

    1st set: 190 x 6
    2nd set: 215 x 5
    3rd set: 340 x 3 - Wala na, left grip always give way... I'll try to buy chalk next time.
    4th set: 150 x F (8)

    Hammer Machine Pulldowns: I love this thing hehe I isolates my lats really well while minimizing my grip failure effect.

    50kg x F (12)
    60kg x F (8)
    60kg x F (5)
    40kg x F (8)

    Didn't do rows today, somebody was hogging the machine. Can't use barbell/dumbbell naman since my grip is near failure na.

    Cable shrugs:
    65kg (full stack) x F (14)
    65kg (full stack) x F (10)
    60kg x F (8)
    40kg x F Behind the back (12)


    3 sets with 15kg plate to failure.

    Crunch machine, 40kg x 15 x 3sets.

    Went home... Carried my son, 20 reps x 5 sets before changing his diaper... :D

    I don't know if it's my new diet or the creatine, but my muscles feel great and full after each workout and lasts the whole day.

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    Oct 2002
    Glenn: Kumusta na program mo? How are you progressing?

    Oh, here's a weekly update on my back...

    I'm only concentrating on Chest and Back for 2 months. No arm specific training for now. Chest is responding, but not as well as my back...

    7 week update

  10. FrankDrebin Guest

    Noted. Thanks.

    Set 1:
    BENCH - X reps
    Rows - X reps


    Set 2:
    Bench - X reps
    Row - X reps

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