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    Oct 2002
    ssaloon, seated dips kung tris ang priority. Pero kung to get stronger sa dips or chest ang emphasis, yung machine na lang ang gamitin mo muna. Mas mabilis ang improvement kesa sa seated. MAsarap ang seated sa tris, then squeeze sa bottom.

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    Nov 2003
    Originally posted by Karding
    kennster, ectomorph ka ba? Sometimes ang soreness is due to overtraining with less weight. The concept behind MAx-OT is OVERTAINING with WEIGHT not repetitions. I used to do 4x10 when I got stucked with my physique (plateau).
    Yep ectomorph here, minsan nga feeling ko sky high na metabolism rate ko eh..

    Ah so soreness doesn't necessarily mean na effective yung work-out (before kasi yun barometer ko eh).. well I just hope im not yet stuck with my curreny physique.. Man it's really hard to be a hard-gainer! :threadmil

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    Oct 2002
    yup, soreness could also mean OT kung high-rep and lightweight lang. Masarap ang OT na due to poundages na binubuhat. Sa Max-OT I raised my bench with 15lbs in 2 weeks. That could help me on my OT by weight.

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    Oct 2002
    Daming sasagutin! hehe, sa madali muna:

    Karding: Yep, paglalaruan ko yung assisted pullups after my bulk phase, so far the Hammer machine Iso-Lat pulldown machine is working my lats really well. Haven't felt DOMS with my lats until my last workout. :D I'm ok with dips... Ako din, mga Tsikot peeps ang isa sa mga motivations ko to "deliver" dahil ang daldal ko dito hehehe... I'm pretty happy with how my back is developing though.

    Ungas: Pag dumating na bodyfat caliper ko I can lend it to you, it's a more effective, accurate and realistic way to set your fitness (especially weight loss) goals. Personally, I think your program contains too many exercises, sets and reps for your goals. I'd rather see a 3 day split with cardio if you're after weight loss. For mass building, your program won't work, the number of reps and sets you do will build up a lot of lactic acid before your muscles get stressed, you'll end up with muscle fatugue before muscle stress.

    Heavy sets should limit you to 6-8 reps, if you can go beyond that, it's not heavy...

    You might wanna check the exercises that you've picked, some work the same muscle on the same angle, it'll be a wasted effort... ie. mil press and seated db press, they both work the same muscle at the same angle.

    Regarding your supplementation, how much protein are you taking (the whole day)? In order to maintain positive nitrogen balance, you need to take 1gram per pound of your bodyweight, if you're taking in less than that total, your supplements may just go to waste, it'll be cheaper to stick with "real" foods. You can just use hydroxycut with a low GI index carb diet, it'll be easier that way and cheaper.

    Breakfast is EXTREMELY important whether you're trying to gain or lose weight. The term breakfast is made up of BREAK and FAST, meaning, you break the fasting period that you gave your body from depriving it nutrients for at least 6-8 hours during sleep. When you wake up, your body will soak up nutrients, carbs, proteins like a sponge and little is wasted. That's why most supplements and vitamins are taken in the morning, because that's the time wherein the body is the most efficient in absorbing nutrients. If you wait until lunch for your first meal, you've set a very low metabolizing day for your body. During that time (you wake up and your lunch), your body is eating up your muscles for energy. Not something you'd like.

    You started June, you should be more than ready to go for a much more taxing workout than what you have now... Whether weight gain or loss, high intensity is the key...

    Cutedoc: You have a good trainer, lucky for you... As the saying goes, good abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym. Eat right, shed the fat, the tummy will slim down. No amount of situps can give you a six pack (dont believe home tv shopping hehe). Everybody has a six pack, the difference is how much fat is covering that six-pack. If you strengthen your abs a lot using weighted situps and stuff, you usually end up having a bigger gut! Why? Simply because your ab muscles grew, but the fat covering it is the same, so you just added a couple of cm to the total girth. Shed the fat first, good diet and good cardio will help a lot. I was like you before, never dieted and cardiod and my midsection never became flat(ter)... After dieting for 6 weeks with intense cardio, I lost 3 inches in 6 weeks, it wasn't even that hard. Too bad I'm bulking for muscle now, so I have to say goodbye to my 34" waist again hehe... I used to be 38.5, stayed there for like 3 years... Lost 3-4" in 6 weeks.]6 week change[/url]

    Kennster: If you're following good form, you can't overwork your muscle, your muscle will stop working if it has reached its limit (called failure)... Injuries occur when too much weight is used without proper form. If you're doing proper form, your muscles will tell you when to stop. You'll only overwork your muscle if you didn't give it ample time to recover AFTER the workout and not giving it enough nutrients (protein specifically) to heal itself.

    Like what I said to Ungas above, if the form and intensity is right, your muscles will be very sore, probably for 3-6 days before the soreness disappears. For me, my muscles don't feel the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) until after 24-36hrs AFTER my workout. I usually don't feel any soreness with my muscles after a workout or even the day itself, but I do see the muscle being bloated and pumped. The soreness sets in 2 days after and will last me about 4-5 days average (hopefully I can recover faster with supplementation). Iba kasi yung "ngawit" sa "higpit" feeling sa muscle. If you're an ecto, high rep is definitely not a very good or efficient way to build muscle.

    So now that you're doing Max-OT, may I know how you're doing it? Like how long your rest periods are, how fast (ballistic) is your positive movements, how slow your negatives are, etc? All else being equal kasi your muscles will cry with Max-OT, not high reps unless youre doing small muscles like bi/tri/calves/delts.

    SSalloon: hehe, ok sya lalo na kung for mass ka... I used dumbbells only though. I need the discipline of being able to push to failure without spotter kasi... I hate asking for spot help from the trainers sometimes hehe... DB kasi I can rest-pause, forced rep etc...

    Sabi ko nga kay Ungas kahapon, pwede na magform ng Tsik-endales male dance group hehehe.
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    Oct 2002
    proper form, Im glad you brought that up theveed. Kse mahirap mag Max-OT kung hindi maganda or tama ang execution. Max-OT without proper form or execution will only lead to injuries. The Max-OT didnt mention if its meant for beginners or intermediate. Pero since the program is for the people who hit their Plateau, this could mean at least a year of experience. Not sure or cant remember how long kennster have been working out.

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    Oct 2002
    theveed....update lang kita...lost 2 lbs.....come on bring it on!!!aaarrgggg

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    Oct 2002
    Glenn: CONGRATS PRE!!! :D :D :D... Singil ko is P1,000 / pound ala Jenny Craig hehehe...

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    Oct 2002
    alangya ka!!!twister fries muna ako..joke lang!!!

    nag breeak nga ako ng rule kahapon...nag sonya's garden kami ng gf ko..hehrehrherer

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    Oct 2002
    give yourself one day to 'cheat' para di ka madeprive... kayang kaya mo yan, next thing you know, dami nang ROO ang nakakapit sayo...

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    Oct 2002
    For weight loss people... Here's a diet guideline you might want to read...

    Fat Burning to Another Level

    Some key points...

    1. Breakfast takes place after your body has fasted for up to 6-12 hours, depleted its glycogen stores and the catabolic hormone cortisol is at its highest point. Your goal is to place your body back on the right track. This is literally why people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For if you skip it you will waste muscle at a rate that is absolutely insane! Therefore, breakfast should be a balance of complex carbs and protein to replenish yourself. While dieting I would recommend a big serving of oatmeal and a source of protein such as whey, egg whites or cottage cheese. And you can add some low glycemic fruit because you can take advantage of the situation.

    2. Your body is in a serious state of catabolism following a workout and you need to put it back into a positive state of balance! It is intent on stealing protein from your muscles and begging for a source of fast burning carbs to replenish its muscle stores. This is the only time during your diet when I would highly recommend utilizing a high and fast burst of insulin. So rather than consuming a slow burning source of carbohydrates you should opt for a fast burning one like 2 or more bananas or even better a sugary punch and whey protein.

    If you want optimal results the rest of your carbs during the day should come from highly fibrous green leafy vegetables! These are the slowest burners by far and are most conducive to placing your body in an optimal fat burning state.

    Metabolic rate and how to keep it elevated
    Meal Frequency

    We will keep your metabolic rate elevated firstly by meal frequency. I explain the importance of this in my last fat burning article. I strongly suggest that you review of it by clicking here.

    Correct Way to Feed Your body

    If you don't feed your body properly, " at the right times" it will rebel against you by lowering its thyroid hormone output, thereby slowing your metabolism to a crawl! Your mission in this diet will be to properly feed your body the correct amount of carbs at the times that it needs them most.

    When I say It needs them most I am referring to the times in which your body will least likely store fat. As mentioned before there are two occasions in the day in which you will find yourself in this situation. Both are related to the same scenario. This is based on the time when your muscles are depleted the most and are primarily looking to replace these stores rather then store fat. During these periods you can take advantage of the anabolic effects of insulin. These two meals are of course breakfast and post workout.

    If you feed yourself the proper amount of carbs at these times you will notice that your metabolic rate maintains itself for a much longer time throughout the duration of your diet.

    Your sole purpose for the rest of the day will be to control your insulin levels by placing them in a state that is conducive to burning fat. You will again do this by only eating leafy green, fibrous vegetables and proteins. This way you get the best of both worlds. Increased recovery and optimal fat burning.

    Maintaining Muscle Mass

    The largest problem with mainstream starvation diets is that they burn an equally high amount of muscle as they do fat. The goal when dieting is to burn fat and maintain as much muscle as possible. As you may know the more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate will be. And conversely the more muscle you lose the slower your metabolic rate will become. ( To further read about the importance of maintaining muscle click here )This is accomplished by

    A. maintaining a proper saturation of amino acids in your body. I.E. six protein rich meals a day.


    B. Promoting optimal recovery under an adverse situation. I mention the word adverse because when you are dieting you are low on macronutrients ( food ) so recovery is made difficult and cortisol levels ( muscle wasting hormone ) are allot higher then when maintaining or bulking. This is why I tout insulin control as a priority of this diet. I encourage you to use it when fat storage is unlikely and cortisol is at its highest and I discourage you from using it the rest of the day. Thereby you get the best of both worlds. Increased recovery and increased fat burning. And therefore maintain muscle at a much higher rate.

    Caloric Deficit Very Important!
    You need to understand that the only way to lose fat is to burn more calories in a day then you consume! If you do not then you cannot reach your goal. Therefore you must lower your calories or up your workload in order to tap into your fat stores. However you do not want to lower your calories too low too quickly! If you do, you will undoubtedly trigger your bodies alarm systems and your metabolism will immediately suffer. To avoid this travesty, start by slowly lowering them by 500 and when you hit a plateau lower them slightly again. Perhaps only by 200 to get your fat burning going again. ( or you could calorie cycle, see below )

    My point is that I do not advice dropping your calories by 1500 in one day! You need to slowly lower them! For example, say someone was bulking up with 4,000 calories a day. They would start their cut by lowering them to 3,500. They burn fat for a while with this and then hit a plateau. The problem may only be that they need to change their workout up. But if that doesn't work then they should lower their calories down to 3,000 to give their fat burning another kick start. By the end of their cut they may be all the way down to 2, 500 calories a day. But they did not get their over night! Doing so would cause their body's to go into shock and slow their metabolic rate to a crawl! I urge you to take this into consideration when you come up with your caloric intake. Starvation is never an option! If you do starve yourself then you have defeated the purpose of this article which is to control your body. Not for your body to control you!

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