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    Oct 2002
    I started yesterday with the shoulders workout then legs/triceps for today. Muscles a little bit sore but stretching with the help of trainers prevented it.

    Bukas balik chest workout naman. I did noticed after taking a weeklong break, yung resistensya ko parang humihina compared sa dati? I was having a hard time completing 4 sets of 15-20 reps.

  2. FrankDrebin Guest
    Hindi ko kaya ang everyday or every-other-day workout. Bibigay ako. hehehe. So naghanap ako ng ibang suitable exercise.


    Workout #1
    Squats(parallel To Floor) - 10-14 Reps
    Calf Raises - 12-15 Reps
    Stiff Legged Deadlifts - 10 Reps
    Cable Rope Crunches - 10-12 Reps

    Workout #2
    Bench Press - 6 Reps
    Bent Over Barbell Rows - 10 Reps
    Standing Shoulder Press W/ Olympic Bar - 6 Reps
    Pullups - 10 Reps
    Cable Rope Crunch - 10-12 Reps

    4 sets each per workout.
    Every saturday lang.
    Alternate ng workout.

    OK lang ba ito mga ironpumpingtsikoteers?

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    Oct 2002
    Ungas, dapat actually you'll get stronger after a break... You gave more time for your muscles to fully heal (and grow)...

    About your program, may comment lang ako... Not criticism ha...


    1)Are you lifting heavy?
    2) How many sets do you do per exercise?
    3) How many reps do you usually do per set?
    4) How many exercises per body part (ie, chest)
    5) Do you go to failure at the end of each set?

    The reason why I asked is this... Your split may not work very well if you answered yes to any or most (preferably all) of the questions above.

    You started off with leg/tri split... You worked on your tris, if you did them correctly and with high intensity, they'll be fatigued by the end of the day... The next day you plan to do chest...

    Chest exercises (other than flys) involve primarity the front deltoids (the shoulder part that joins to your upper chest), triceps and the chest itself. In most cases of chest exercise failure (di na kaya ibuhat), the triceps give first, then the delts then the chest. If you did work out correctly yesterday (tricep day), your triceps will be too fatigued to lift the weight, it'll fail before the chest gets any work done.

    Same goes if you separate shoulder on another day. At the bare minimum, I think pressing exercises should be done together. Unless you don't do any presses like for example you only do crossovers and flys for chest, laterals for delts...

    The triceps are too small of a muscle to endure separate chest/shoulder workouts.

    I do see that you're doing 15-20 reps, is this for all exercises? What's your goal for weightlifting by the way.

    By being able to do 15-20 reps, the exercise won't build you any new muscle nor will it streghthen it in terms of size and strength. It will help the endurance aspect of the muscle though.

    I guess my first question should have been, what is your goal and purpose to hit the gym?

    Lastly, you really won't get that "sore", aka DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), with lightweight and high reps (per set). Soreness occurs when the muscle tissues itself is physically being injured and slightly torn. During your rest periods (along with a high protein diet), the protein and rest will heal the muscles by sealing or thickening the adjacent fibers, hence, muscle growth. Bigger muscles, bigger engine to push more weight.


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    Oct 2002
    Frank: That workout is very hard to do so I think if you're just starting out, it'll be difficult. Let me explain...

    It is a very good workout. This is one variation of supersetting. The nice thing about this workout is it keeps your whole body worked out with the least amount of time possible. This means that rests should be timed accordingly.

    Rest is not something this workout offers a lot of, why? Look at the exercises, specifically with workout 2.

    Bench Press - CHEST
    Bent Over Barbell Rows - BACK
    Standing Shoulder Press W/ Olympic Bar - SHOULDER/TRICEPS
    Pullups - BACK/BICEPS

    You see the trend? It works on OPPOSITE muscle groups alternately. The reason why this is a time saver is that when you're working on bench presses, your biceps and back aren't really working much, hence it's resting.

    So you're SUPPOSED to immediately hit your back after the bench presses so you'll work on the bicep and back muscles while the chest and triceps rests (since they aren't used for rowing and pulling much) After those 2 exercises, you rest. That should be ONE SET.

    It should be:

    Set 1:
    BENCH - X reps
    Rows - X reps


    Set 2:
    Bench - X reps
    Row - X reps

    This is really hard-core stuff. The Cybergenics system that I tried around 7 years back incorporates this type of workout and focusing a lot on negative failures, it's super tough to do but it reaps very good rewards.

    The "X FACTOR" of this workout is endurance, if you have the lungs to do this, it'll be great.

    As to your schedule of one a week. Like what I said to Ungas, If you did it right with MAX intensity, you'll need time to rest. While 6 days may be a little long, it won't harm you if you take 6 days off before the next workout.

    AS LONG AS YOU GIVE IT YOUR ALL every Saturday. Trust me, your body will need more than 3-4 days to get rid of the soreness if you lift heavy.

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    Oct 2002
    I felt weak after that week long break. Para bang nanghihina mga muscles matapos mawala ang daily lift habits.

    1)Are you lifting heavy?
    - Light pa lang. I just started last June. With machines, 5-6plates for upper body parts; 7-8plates for legs/calves. On free weight training, iba iba rin depending on the body parts. Chest nasa 10-15kgs. Shoulders with dumbell workouts 20-30kgs. Squats 15-25kgs. Leg press (same with calves) 50-75kgs.

    2) How many sets do you do per exercise?
    - All sets are done in 4.

    3) How many reps do you usually do per set?
    - Weights varying ala-pyramid style. Starting from light/heavy/heavy/light. Light weights more reps (15-20?). Heavier weights 12-15reps.

    4) How many exercises per body part (ie, chest)
    - Di ko pa kabisado program ko, I have to workout with the program card attached.
    - Chest is 6 exercises yata? (bench press, inclined dumbell press, dumbell flies, arnold, pullover, di ko na maalala yung iba)
    - Back is 5 excercises (dead lift, barbell lift or t-bar lift, seated row or sometimes cable row, meron pa di ko na rin maalala)
    - Shoulder 5-6 exercises (military press, side lateral, bent over lateral, seated dumbell press, barbell/dumbell curl, forgot the other exercises)
    - Legs 5 exercise (squats, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, standing or seated calves with 2 tri workouts (tri extension & tri pushdowns).

    5) Do you go to failure at the end of each set?
    - Not on all parts, pero ang tinututukan ko yung shoulder parts hanggang di na kaya. Minsan going past 4 sets.

    Primary goal is to meet my ideal height weight ratio and to get fit, which is less 40lbs. to go. I was hoping for a body like some pro-wrestlers, pero malabo, I don't have enough discipline. Pero hindi ako strict diet, I eat what is served. Then whey protein & hydroxycut before (6am)/after (10am) workout and afternoon breaks. No breakfast, light lunch and dinner. Water after dinner instead of petty snacks.

  6. Join Date
    Nov 2002
    i used to take creatine and protein, kaya siguro ako lumaki, pero sabi ng trainor ngayon ko mali daw mga ginagawa ko movements, so im starting again from the top, and im not adviced to take any supplement, pondohan ko daw muna katawan ko, daainin nalang muna sa proper eating. number 1 error ko is i keep on doing ab workout, i do it almost daily, to have a trim abs, mali daw yun, i cant achieve tone abs, dapat mag cardio workout daw muna ako(which i seldom do before)thats the best way to have a better blood circulation, after the stomach has flatten, thats the time you do ab workout, sabi trainor, pag ab workout lng daw ng ab workout, titigas lang ang tiyan pro malaki pa din...napansin ko nga matigas tiyan ko pero medyo laki pa din

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    Nov 2003
    question lang po mga sir regarding my workout.. before kasi I do 4 sets 10 reps per exercise, but now after reading Max-OT, im doing 3 sets 4-6 reps per exercise (but it's heavy enough to the extent that the max rep i can do per set is 6).. so what do you think is the better work-out.. Im afraid kasi to overwork my muscles with the 4 set routine, but the thing is I feel more soreness in my muscles after doing the 4 set 10 rep workout than the 3 set 4-6 rep.. hmmm which is better? is "no pain no gain" true?

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    Oct 2002
    theveed, sinubukan ko yung 8 week pec program mo. grabe, sakit ng dibdib ko ngayon. and to think na 3 fundamental exercises lang yan (inclined, flat presses and flies). i like it :evillaugh

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    Oct 2002
    theveed, kung gusto mo mag improve ka sa pulls/chins, start with assisted pull-up machine. Dun ako nag start kagaya ng dips. Mahirap talaga mag jump start kung walang assistance sa pull-ups/dips unless matagal ka nang nag dips or pulls.

    eto yung machine, dont mind the lady's very nice behind

    Assisted Pull-up Machine

    van_wilder, ok utang muna pics. Pero dont worry, pare-pareho lang naman tayo dito na may deficiency at some part of our body. Plus, kayo nga ang motivation ko to improve.

    kennster, ectomorph ka ba? Sometimes ang soreness is due to overtraining with less weight. The concept behind MAx-OT is OVERTAINING with WEIGHT not repetitions. I used to do 4x10 when I got stucked with my physique (plateau).

    cutedoc, tama ang trainer mo supplement wont help much kung mali ang routine mo. kung hindi ka ecto, proper diet nga ang kailangan mo.

  10. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    merong ganyan sa gold's and FF! ginagawa ko yan pag pull-ups. seated naman yung dips ko.

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