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    Oct 2002
    hehe, sayo nya natutunan yan eh!

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    Jan 2005
    dem.. wala na naman si gil zero.

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    Jan 2005
    OT: FNBA peeps, need your opinion on this line-up.

    last place right now and I just got proposed with a trade. Ray Allen for Gay and Ronnie Brewer. i'm looking to mix things up since I'm becoming the whipping boy of the league.

    usual 12-team, HTH format

    Rashad McCants
    Ray Allen
    Jamal Crawford
    LeBron James
    Chris Wilcox
    Ron Artest
    Rasheed Wallace
    Andrea Bargnani
    Bonzi Wells
    Morris Peterson
    Stephon Marbury
    Luol Deng
    Vince Carter

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    Keep Ray Allen, you have several underperforming guys in Marbury, Deng, and Carter. Try to ride out the storm. I see that you are weak in the C and PG slots, maybe Andre Blatche is still avail in the waivers or maybe Antonio Daniels? You're droppable guys would be Mo Pete and Bonzi Wells since you are overloaded with scorers and high TO, low FG% guys. Who are the available WW guys?

    Try to trade for a top flight PG or C.

    You're more pressing needs...
    More rebounds, more steals, more blocks, better FG%, more assists
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    Jan 2005
    thanks ild. foye just got dropped so I promptly scooped him up.

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    Dec 2003
    aww puro talo na :sigh:

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    Dec 2004
    I'm surprise wala pang trash talking sa league A. Sobrang serious yata GMs this year

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    Feb 2004
    Kung sino man ang nag-drop kay monta, maraming salamat. :evillaugh

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    Aug 2005
    look at his stats next game.

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    warp: si ungas nag drop kay monta mas mataas waiver priority mo :seeth:

    si bimbim pala next victim ko

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